Math Is Hard

For Ocasio-Cortez Math Is Hard
For Ocasio-Cortez Math Is Hard

Yeah, math seems to be hard for far-left wingnut, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along with most other pursuits normally considered appropriate for public consumption. But she thinks that utterly and completely unimportant because she’s “morally right.” Well, more like morally Left since her ethos seems centered firmly upon taking from the makers in order to give it to the ever-covetous takers.

But then, this doesn’t really make Orcasio-Cortez and standout among her sort. This lack of concern for facts is the norm for their sort.

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The Walking Left

The Walking Left
The Walking Left

It doesn’t matter if you call them Leftists, Progressives, Liberals, or just Democrats, they’re nothing but a plague-ridden, horde of disease carriers gnawing away at the fabric of our nation.

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About The Shutdown

Government Shutdown
About The Govt Shutdown

The various Libtard Leftists and other likely Democrats are making a big deal about the government shutdown – as if it’s something both horrific and unprecedented… and, of course, something to blame upon President Trump. The funny thing, and what proves their real reason for complaining, is that such shutdowns have been a reasonably common occurrence since President Ford’s time.

Ah well, it’s not as if our domestic enemies are sane or that Americans should particularly care about their whining.

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