Nyet, Yeshche Nichego

Nyet, Yeshche NichegoNyet, Yeshche Nichego

Nyet, yeshche nichego (“No, still nothing”) is always the answer when the Democrats ask if there’s any credible evidence that anyone involved in any way with President Trump somehow colluded with the Russians during the 2016 elections. That, however, doesn’t and won’t stop them from continuing to invent excuses to keep hammering away with their foundationless narrative.

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Liberal Counter-Terrorism

Liberal Counter-TerrorismLiberal Counter-Terrorism

The above pretty much sums up the best and most effective Liberal Counter-Terrorism efforts to-date. They’ve got flowers and candles – and let’s not forget #hashtag and Facebook flag overlays – and they’re not afraid to use them.

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Deport Them!

Deport Them! Deport Fashisom
Deport Them! Deport Fashisom!

Our domestic enemies, the Liberals, Progressives, and the various abnormal demographics the enable- and pander to, are ever and always so quick to insult, deride, and lampoon any American who protests their agenda while using improper spelling. To them, we, the People are always uneducated, anti-intellectual, knuckle-dragging, regressive primitives.

This is why it’s so funny when our domestic enemies – who are so hubristic over their over-vaunted educations – prove that they are no better than Americans when it comes to spelling simple words. Then again, anyone who’s #StillWithHer and believes that #SheWon is showing a distinct pathology of cognitive degeneration.

Then again, I could be completely misinterpreting this Millenial’s protest and who and what xe’s outraged over. Perhaps he’s angry at the fashion industry and just created something a neologism to denote his beliefs that the fashion industry is fascist in nature and agenda. If so, #ImWithHim 😆 since somebody needs to be the voice of the fashion nazis’ victims.

Of course, if the latter is the case, ze has an intersectional problem. Those same evil fashionistas are centered in New York City and Los Angeles, the two strongholds of modern liberalism and two of the very few localities in the US that are staunchly democrat. Hence, he’d be voting to deport some of the very sorts that supported Hillary.

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