CRISPR Critters

CRISPR Critters – Coming Soon?

Yessiree! What with the recent advances is extensive genetic engineering and design through the use of CRISPR, can CRISPR Critters be that far off? After all, it’s already being done. Hell! GloFish have been on the pet market for a few years now.  And, some scientists have even taking the first step of reverting birds – chickens! – to their ancient theropod forms.

And yes! I’m mostly being sarcastic. Still, once the science is available, people will find all sorts of uses for it.

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Socializing Sin

Socializing Sin By Social Media Platform
Socializing Sin By Platform

An oversimplification? Sure. It’s still fairly accurate though since one can, for the most part, sort the deadly sins by social media platform.  😈

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You Are Old!

You Are Old
If You Laughed, Snorted, Or Face-Palmed You Are Old!

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