Pure Performance Ride


A Pure Performance Ride
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A good top end, all the low end torque a man could want and more, and you can stick the curves every single time. Absolutely pure performance without a single niggling doubt. But, damn expensive, very high maintenance, and pure performance built. Not much comfort or decadent luxury here at all. 😉

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Self-Driving VW

Self-Driving VW Prototype
Self-Driving VW Prototype

Cool! Someone leaked a pic of Volkswagen’s new self-driving car. 😆 Apparently they’ve had the tech since 1968 but are just now in the process of bringing it to the auto market.

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Bat Dynasty?

Monster Truck Batmobile
Bat Dynasty?

A multimillionaire who’s on a crusade to save the land from itself. By night he does good works but scares many who see or hear of him. Hmmmmm…Is it Bruce Wayne or Phil Robertson?

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