Nothing To See Here

Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here

Nothing to see here. Move right along. This is just what actually fuels an Electric Vehicle (EV). And please, please, please don’t consider the fully weighted comparative environmental costs of your brand now, sparkly, virtue vehicle. 😛

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Battery Change 2022+

Battery Change
Your Car’s Battery Change 2022 and Beyond

Yeah, not only do electric vehicles (EVs) normally cost about 20% more than either their traditional and hybrid counterparts, the cost of replacing their battery pack/deck is way more than anything normal people would condone. For now, that sort of makes me laugh, since it’s harming the Liberals, Progressives, and other Ecotards and Warmists who want to signal their virtue and orthodoxy by buying and conspicuously driving one.

Look At Me Sinners! I’m Virtuous

The way I’ve always figured things, if you want to harm yourself for your faith, cool; more power to you and, even if we’re enemies, I have, do, and will always respect you for your sacrifice. I mean, I’ll be annoyed by your incessant proselytizing and virtue signalling, but I will always acknowledge that you put your faith first, before you comfort or material success.

But the problem is that these Warmists who are apparently shaping the domestic policies of the Democrat party are not in the least bit satisfied with practicing their religion. Oh no! As creatures like Biden and the other Dems in political power have shown, these Warmists have their own Great Commission and certainly don’t hesitate to enact Conversion by the Sword.

Why do you think Biden forced unprecedented fuel prices upon we, the People? Why do you think that SCOTUS had to explicitly tell the EPA that they couldn’t force the governments of the individual states to change their power production to something “green”?

This is America. If the Left wants to sacrifice their wealth and freedoms for the sake of their religion of Global Warming, fine! If they want to preach their faith in or on the streets? Fine! It’s when they try to force their face upon others that we have a problem.

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You’re Being Told…

You're Being Told...
You’re Being Told…

It’s summertime and, as such, various governments of Democrat-controlled urban population centers are telling residents to turn off or turn down their ACs to prevent once again overwhelming their poorly maintained power grids. At the same time though, Democrats and the sorts which vote them into office are telling us all – and, are trying to force us – to trade in our gasoline-powered cars and trucks for electric vehicles. 🙄

The first real question facing Americans is whether this is simple, Leftist idiocracy, a matter of callous ends justifying the means, or a planned crisis to allow Democrat state and local governments to take full, direct control of the power utilities in their areas. The second real question facing Americans is how far will we go to- and how permanently will we remove the threat these Democrats pose to our nation and our People.

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Now That's Risky

Now That's Risky
Now That’s Risky

Forget smoking while pumping gas, think about trying to charge your electric car in the rain! Now that’s risky! 😆 Zzzzzaaaaaap!

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The Great Green Delusion

The Great Green Delusion – An Electric Fleet

It’s odd that both Elon Musk and Akio Toyoda have been the ones that spoke the truth about converting the world’s fleet of automobiles to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Yet, it’s unsurprising that, aside from a short “news” cycle of outrage and derision from the Green Left, what they said has been ignored by these same delusional climatards and their media outlets.

As there are none so blind as those who will not see, so too are there none so deaf as those who will not hear. And that sums up what passes for the mentality of these sorts. Their delusion is reinforced by the dogma and is not subject to interventions by facts that contradict their visions of the future they want to enact up the world.

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