12 Years Of Obamacare

ObamaCare Hindenberg
12 Years Of Obamacare

Yesterday marked the 12th anniversary of Obamacare – also mendaciously and ironically known as the Affordable Care Act. But tell me, in the course of those 12 years of Obamacare, have you or anyone you know objectively benefited from it? I know that I haven’t and that nobody I know has. Then, I and most of them are Gen X Whites and not the intended beneficiaries of it.

But, 12 years is a long time, more than long enough to shake out any “birthing pains” in this sweeping piece of federal intrusion into the most personal segment of the private sector. I’d have expected to hear some crowing – or, at least happy, I-Told-You-So mention of – over its successes. But I haven’t heard or read or word.

So, tell me; has 12 years of Obamacare benefited you or anyone?

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The Dems' Chicken Ranch

The Dems' Chicken Ranch
The Dems’ Chicken Ranch

That’s the problem with running a chicken ranch to cater to the desires of your key demographics. The chickens will come home to roost and lay eggs – rotten eggs – all over the place.

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Total Meme Failure

Total Meme Failure
Hilarious Total Meme Failure

So, some raging, Leftist, radfem lesbians decided to create and post a “counter-meme” to an old(ish) traditional woman meme. Unfortunately for them but hilariously for me and many others, it was a total meme failure in that it sent the “wrong” message. 😆 I mean, all it said to me was that their sort understands and values the same, traditionally feminine women we American men do and have since our creation of this nation. 😉

And, in some ways, that’s the lesser failure of this meme. Since it was probably designed to offend straight men by showing a woman – and a “wifeable” one to boot – and a feminist in a sexual relationship, the possibly greater meme failure was their assumption that we would mind. 👿

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Biden's Build Back Bitter

Biden's Build Back Bitter
Biden’s Build Back Bitter

With Creepy Uncle Joe’s signature project, Build Back Better, having been derailed by fellow Democrats, the question becomes if he – or, more accurately, whoever is using Biden as their hand puppet – will move on to Build Back Bitter in 2022.

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Beyond Elf On A Shelf

Beyond Elf On A Shelf, We Have Quack On A Rack
We Have Quack On A Rack

Sadly, there’s no shortage of mumbling, stumbling, senile mistakes, miscues, and general failures this season. The installation of Biden as the titular POTUS guaranteed a steady supply of such things.

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