#MAGA, The 2024 Return

President Trump has recently officially began his campaign to be reelected as POTUS, thereby correcting for the Democrats’ coup and the installation of Creepy Uncle Joe Biden as President. And the Democrats are already scared and their media is already on the attack. That may not matter though.

#MAGA, The 2024 Return Of President Trump And The Restoration Of Our Nation
#MAGA, The 2024 Return Of Our Rightful POTUS

So, now we begin again to #MAGA; to repair the hateful damage our domestic enemies did in wake of their successful overthrowing of Americans’ duly elected POTUS, Donald Trump; to restore the economic might of our nation; and to rebirth America’s soul, now tormented and twisted by Liberals’ hate, bigotry, and oikophobia.

We Shall Repair, Restore, And Return America To Greatness

And, there will be joy; and, their will be beauty. But, as with birthing freedom in the first place, rebirthing it in the wake of extended, concerted efforts by Liberals, Progressives, and the other various sorts that support the Democrats, there will be pain and there will be – most likely only proverbially – blood. And yes! If and when President Trump is properly restored to office and power, be ready for there to be certain levels of reprisals against Democrats, their followers, and the sorts they pander to- and enable. Be not just ready for it; embrace it and take righteous joy in doing what and whatever is needful to ensure MAGA ad eternum.

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No Forgiveness For Biden

No Forgiveness For Biden
No Forgiveness For Biden

There’s no forgiveness for Biden. Specifically, there’s no ill-conceived and illegal student loan forgiveness for him and whichever group of his handlers had him sign the Executive Order to cancel approximately $400 billion in voluntarily incurred student loan debt. His or their plan to buy a plethora of 2024 votes with federal monies is essentially dead in the water at this point.

First a federal judge in Texas blocked it. Then, just a days later and regarding a separate suit against Biden, a unanimous ruling by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis blocked it again via injunction. Most likely, if the Texas ruling goes for appeal, the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals will do as the 8th did. Even if they don’t, however, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals’ injunction against it will still stand until that Court reaches a final decision in State of Nebraska v. Joseph Biden, Jr..

😉 It’s dead, Joe. Shuffle away and forget about it.

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Deer For Hunters

Deer For Hunters, Working People For Democrat
Deer For Hunters, Working People For Democrats

Funny, but true. Or, perhaps, funny because it’s true. Working people, especially Whites, supporting Democrats is a lot like deer supporting hunters.

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Student Loan Forgiveness

Student Loan Forgiveness Explained
Student Loan Forgiveness Explained

The real reasons for Biden spending between $300 – $500 billion of the taxpayers’ money to nullify a large amount of student loan debt are quite simple. One, it’s the largest purchase of votes for the Democrat party in history. Two, Biden’s handlers know that they have to bolsters colleges, which are the greatest source of liberal indoctrination in America.

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Biden Backpedaling

Biden Confused and Backpedaling after publicly declaiming 150 million American citizens as existential threats to Democracy

Biden, ever the gaffe-prone, war-seeking, dodderer, is now frantically backpedaling away from his recent Kafkaesque declaration that huge swaths of the American citizenry are existential threats to Democracy and the nation.

Of course, like most of what the Democrats’ POTUS does, he’s not at all good at it. But then, bicycles never were his forte… and neither was any real form of statesmanship.

Personally, when something like Biden labels me, mine, and every ally I have as existential threats to Democracy and America, there’s no backpedaling away from that. The Rubicon has been crossed.

They're An Existential Threat To The Nation
They’re An Existential Threat To The Nation!

And yes; delivering your call to arms in a staged production that looks like someone combined the “best” of Stalin’s and Hitler’s set pieces doesn’t help one bit, because those style elements are proven to be powerful and effective. That makes it clear that the choice to use them was deliberate and designed to rile up the Democrats’ base.

Bialystok anyone? Kristallnacht? History has – or should have – taught us that certain words, if delivered in certain manners and settings, can be used cause followers to shed their normal compunctions and commit atrocities upon segments of populations that they hate or are envious of.

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