Dems’ Spending Priorities

Dem's Spending Priorities - Any amount for brown foreigners, not one cent to protect White Americans.
Dems’ Spending Priorities

This aptly sums up the Democrats’ spending priorities. They’re happy to send $10 billion in foreign aid to Central America but refuse to even consider half that amount for a wall at America’s southern border… Mostly because our President wants one and promised to build one.

Then, this is a large part of why the Democrats should be – forcibly, if needs be and it will be needed – removed from office. Their TURDS has reached a point where they are a clear and present danger to others, especially the American people.

I swear, they hate President Trump and the American people, who voted for him and support his efforts to make America great again, so much that they’ve become some twisted funhouse of mirror of Robert Goodloe Harper, essentially saying, “Billions in tribute, but not one cent for defense!” solely because the POTUS is Donald Trump.

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The Coming Blight

The Coming Blight
The Coming Blight – Dems’ Petty Insurrection

With our domestic enemies’ political arm, the Democrats having gained a slim majority in the House, we can expect the coming blight of their ever-more-petty insurrection and war against our President. Be ready, for there is no place to low for their sort to go in their quest to destroy President Trump and the American people and there is no action too base or too vile for them to engage in.

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Sadly Unheeded Wisdom

A Message To The Left – Unheeded Wisdom

And here are very much needed words of wisdom for the Left from a brave young man, Devon Stack. Sadly, unheeded wisdom is the hallmark of failure and, hence, an essential piece of the Liberals’ and Progressives’ dogma. As such, they’ll never listen.

No, the Left and those that they pander to- and enable, through their hatred, their spite, and their unending attacks upon the average American, are responsible for causing a condition to develop in this country which will create a climate that will bring seeds up out of the ground with vegetation on the end of them looking like something these people never dreamed of outside of their worst nightmares.

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