Deer For Hunters

Deer For Hunters, Working People For Democrat
Deer For Hunters, Working People For Democrats

Funny, but true. Or, perhaps, funny because it’s true. Working people, especially Whites, supporting Democrats is a lot like deer supporting hunters.

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Combating PETA

Gonna Eat It... With Some Old Bay, For The Sake Of Combating PETA
Gonna Eat It… With Some Old Bay

I recently posted about how well Maryland and Old Bay trolled PETA over their anti-crabbing billboards. I’ve decided, however, to take it a bit farther by combating PETA with beauty, real beauty and not the overly slutified celebrities they use to get attention.

Combating PETA With Real Beauty

That’s right! Real beautiful women with real crabs destined for the dinner table. I’m guessing that shuts down and trumps anything that PETA’s got.

NOTE: Because I’m originally from Florida, I’ve include Stone Crabs alongside Maryland’s Jimmies and Sooks.

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Tell Me. I'll Wait

Go Ahead And Tell Me. I'll Wait
Go Ahead And Tell Me. I’ll Wait

Please, go ahead. Tell me how Biden’s handlers – because Senile, Doddering Joe sure ain’t doing anything – are making America better. I’ll wait, though I might need the lifespan of a tortoise to get an answer. Well, an answer that isn’t their sort taking credit for improvements set in motion by President Trump.

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Liberals' Sex-Ed

The Future Of Liberals' Sex-Ed
The Future Of Liberals’ Sex-Ed

Quite honestly, the way Liberals and Progressives are pushing sex and sexuality onto school children and earlier and earlier ages, I wouldn’t be surprised if this did become part of high school sex-ed curriculum.

Then again, now that I think of it, applied sex-ed might be something other than a totally bad thing. 😆

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A Beautiful Truth

A Beautiful Truth Our Enemies Reject
A Beautiful Truth Our Enemies Reject

Ah yes! Sadly, this is the way it is. But then, we should have expected it. Our enemies have always rejected beauty and reject any truth that doesn’t bow to their narrative. And, of course, it naturally follows that they reject any law that interferes with their insane and unholy desires to turn our nation into some twisted, only quasi-sovereign, socialist, dystopian shithole.

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