Hollywood’s It Reboot

It Reboot Starring Harvey Weinstein
Hollywood’s It Reboot Starring Harvey Weinstein

I don’t know if it’s a horror show or a dark comedy, but the blockbuster revelation of- and the scrambling response to the outting of Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long history of sexual harassment and sexual assault is quite the spectacle. 😉 Frankly, it’s one of the most interesting productions that has come out of Hollywood in a long time.

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Checking For Racism

Checking For RacismChecking For Racism

As a White, an American Whites especially, it is critically necessary to constantly check for racism in one’s thoughts, words, actions, and inactions. Not that is means checking yourself to see if you’re being a racist but checking to see how you’re being a racist. After all, as we’re nigh on constantly told either in dog-whistles or overtly, all Whites in America are racist even if – possibly especially if – they don’t think that they are.

That’s all “White Privilege,” “Systemic Racism,” “Implied Racism,” “Social Justice,” and being “Woke” mean – that all Whites are racist because they’re White and American. All these terms also mean that only Whites can be racist … again, because they’re White and American.

So, every White American – and also every Black considered by the “Black Community” to be “Not Black Enough,” e.g., Stacy Dash and Dr. Ben Carson, need to constantly check themselves lest they suffer the attacks of the SJWs and Blactivists.

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Skank Lives Matter!

Skank Lives Matter!

#SkankLivesMatter! Stop Skank Shaming! I don’t know; think of the skanks? Skanks have feelings too and we’re setting an unreasonably “high” bar on skankiness, which is hurting, disadvantaging, and effectively oppressing less than optimal skanks?

And, like so much that should be purely funny, this has its head-shaking, eye-rolling, face-palming side since it is so close to what is really said and presumably believed by so many whenever it comes to anyone “outperforming” anyone else and succeeding and being praised for that success by society.

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