Collective Cannibalism

Big LaborOne of the best things about the failure of the labor unions is that they’re engaging in collective cannibalism. They’re eating their own and predating upon each other, which bodes well for America’s future. This is good because anything that weakens these syndicates further and contributes to their eventual destruction is a good thing for the American economy and should be celebrated by the American people.

With American workers fleeing the unions in droves, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has chosen to raid other unions for members. Currently, their trying to pouch the US Airways and American Airlines mehanics from their existing unions. This is causing a lot of anger in the unions the Teamsters have targeted as prey.

As a trade unionist, I’m outraged and disgusted that the Teamsters plan to waste the time and resources of their members in an unprincipled raid against union members at US Airways. Let’s call this what it is: The IBT is behaving like a parasite. They are desperately attempting to feed off another organization to cover up their own failures. This has everything to do with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that the IBT lost more members than any other union last year and nothing to do with the needs of aircraft mechanics.

Garry Drummond
Air Transport Division Director, TWU

To be heartlessly fair though, nobody – not even the filth who run the labor soviets – should be surprised by this behavior. The Teamsters have a long and infamous history or predatory practices. Throughout the decades of their unfortunate existence they’re raided and sought to destroy union after union. That’s part of why they finally left AFL-CIO which tried to curtail that sort of behavior.

For Americans though, this is good news. Whenever the unions feast upon each other instead of the productive American population its a good thing.

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4 Responses to “Collective Cannibalism”

  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    The revolution is eating itself

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes, and that is cause for a certain level of happiness on the parts of each and every American.

  3. The POTR Says:

    So goes Hostess, goes the unions. RIP Twinkies.

  4. jonolan Says:

    POTR, Hostess isn’t the best example. The unions killed the company, true. But Hostess was already moribund and on life support with no real hope of recovery. The unions merely euthanized it.

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