PETA-Approved Dairy

Starting A PETA-Approved Dairy
Starting A PETA-Approved Dairy

I’ve decided to start over in life, move back to the country, and start a sustainable, animal cruelty free, organic, PETA-approved dairy. Does anyone know how to get ESG funds to help with this?

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Climatards' Green Utopia

Climatards' Green Utopia
The Climatards’ Green Utopia

I’ve stated before what the Democrats’ plan for America’s agricultural sector is. But the image above depicts the specific goals of the Climatards among Americans’ domestic enemies and the Green Utopia that they want to fundamentally transform our nation into. That is, of course, when they’re not demanding that we simply outsource resource extraction and its concomitant pollution to “developing nations.”

Yes, these are the useful idiots that are, themselves being farmed by Democrat politicians, certain groups within the deep state that want better budgets and more job security, and the Leftists that long ago turned the entirety of Global Warming into an attack upon Western prosperity in an attempt to distribute our wealth to those others that they prefer.

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Dems' Agricultural Goals

Dems’ Agricultural Goals

The Dems’ agricultural goals are quite simple – the nigh on complete destruction of American farming, farmers, and rural communities. True, this is most and most openly and overtly true among the more “Progressive” arm of the Dems, but the rest of them are either complicit in it or utterly apathetic to what’s being done to farmers in America.

Of course, this makes a certain sense since the majority of Democrats live in urban centers and have little understanding of- or liking for Americans of the heartland, the majority of whom are Republicans. This is largely a simple case of destroying ones enemies.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Origins

In America, we’re about ready for Thanksgiving, our particular riff on the age-old harvest festival. Tomorrow the majority of us will be enjoying some variety of variants of our Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully, most of us will enjoy our feasts and the company, be it family, friends, or both, that we are surrounded by while doing so.

Thanksgiving Dinner

One thing though – Thanksgiving, despite America’s spin upon it, is still at its heart a harvest celebration. Hence, I believe that we should spare a moment or more to consider our Thanksgiving dinner’s origin. And by that I do not mean the well-known legendry of Thanksgiving or the murkier and more complex history thereof; No, I mean the origins of the delicious food upon our tables.

Spare some time this Thanksgiving to think about and be grateful for the efforts of all those “rural folk” – the farmers, ranchers, and such along with the men and women who get those crops from the farms across the land to the stores you buy it at.

Thanksgiving Dinner Origins

Yeah, it would be good and very likely pleasant to pause and consider the farm workers and such in those so easily dismissible fly-over districts, counties, and states. Instead of repeating the urbanites’ and suburanites’ mistake of considering the America’s rural population as forgettable but unforgivable, deplorable, uneducated hicks and rubes, consider that there’s a reason why they make up the heartland of America.

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German Agriculture

One has to hand it to German – and Austrian – agriculture. The farmers there are certainly some of the finest in all of Europe.

Girls of Germany and Austria  –  Jungbauernkalender 2010

Yes; these lovely girls are actually farmers in Germany and Austria, not models hired out of the cities for the calendar. What truly amazes me that few tourists ever seem to rave about the German countryside.

Ich konnte lernen Deutsches Bauer-Kochen lieben! 😛

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