You Are The Monster

You Are The Monster
You Are The Monster

The above illustrates the core and bulk of all Democrat sociopolitical strategies and the modus operandi of every single Liberal, Progressive, #Woke, #CancelCulture, #Antiracist devotee and profiteer. They are monsters. People need to, for their own protection, their children’s protection, and the defense our our nation, treat them as such and as nothing else.

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Don't Assume

Don't Assume That They're Persons
Don’t Assume That They’re Persons

Truly! Assumptions based upon gross physical characteristics are extremely scientifically flawed, foolish, and quite dangerous. Most of Americans’ ongoing issues are the direct result of assuming that those sorts that constantly rant, rail, and riot against anything and everything that is America are persons just because, to a large extent, they look like us.

After all, we have no codified standard for being truly human. We certainly have no standardized test to determine whether an individual creature in our form is in fact human, e.g., Frank Herbert’s “Gom Jabbar Test of Humanity.” We’re operating off of assumptions and social pressures that change periodically based upon prevailing media opinions and who won what war.

So, don’t assume. Test, verify, and act accordingly. 👿

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Liberal Jesus

Liberal Jesus And His/Her/Its Teachings
Liberal Jesus And His/Her/Its Teachings

According to Woke Theology, an offshoot of Black Liberation Theology created and co-opted by “White” Liberals, their Jesus not only doesn’t want his cultists to forgive people, he demands that they never forgive any past statement or action that goes against the tenets-of-the-day of Wokeness.

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Starbucks Running Scared

Starbucks Running Scared

Yes, I’m laughing my ass off in a paroxysm of schadenfreude over Starbucks permanently closing six stores in Seattle; six more in the Los Angeles area; two in Portland, Oregon; and one each in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., due to their being unsafe to work at.

It seems that Wokeness isn’t so great for Starbucks’ employees who had to deal with high levels of street crime around and within their stores.

I guess the only real question is will the Woker Than Thou crowd who controls so much of pop culture today declare this a good thing due to De-Gentrification, or will they declare it as racist and White Flight.

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Mirror Image Hate

KKK Or Woke - Mirror Images Of Hate & Racis
KKK Or Woke – Mirror Images Of Hate & Racism

It Doesn’t matter whether it’s the KKK or any of the Woke sorts; hatred for a race of people is hatred for a race of people. The KKK and the Woke are just mirror image hate.

Of course, the internal, national and racial enemies of the American people will vociferously, stridently, and violently refute this claim of similarity to the few actual White Supremacists left in America. In their minds, only Whites can be racist, and all Whites are actively or passively racist… because they’re White.

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