Leading The Flock In 2022

Leading The Flock In 2022
Leading The Flock In 2022

This may well be the best metaphor for the Democrats and their devotees in 2022. A Jackass leading a complacent flock of sheep away from security and any form of good pasturage and to a shearing station… and a slaughterhouse for those deemed to no longer be useful.

Then, these are the same sorts who declared sheepdogs to be wolves and wolves to be a protected and disadvantaged species.

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Dems' Collective Fear

Dems' Collective Fear
Dems’ Collective Fear

Mr. Russell, in his work, Unpopular Essays, was quite correct. The behaviors of Liberals, Progressives, Minorities, Feminists – all of the sorts that vote Democrat – have proven this time and time again, with each paroxysm of fear and its resultant ferocity and often feral savagery further proving that it’s a degenerative cycle.

It doesn’t matter which fear it is either. COVID-19, Climate Change, Capitalism, or the more fundamental fear of straight, White men, the response by the Left and their minority sharecroppers is always to circle up and attack anyone who doesn’t share their fears however they can, which normally means vilifying them and labeling them as an existential threat.

Worse, it doesn’t end – though the latest, trendy fear may distract them from previous fears for a while. Instead, it escalates because the Dems’ collective fears create a feedback loop between them, the Lamestream Media, and their politicians that is self-perpetuating and, like all engines subject to positive feedback loops, prone to runaway or race conditions.

The truly unfortunate thing is that there’s no outside cure for cowardice, only cures for cowards.

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Year 2 Of The CWO Ends

Yesterday marked the official 2nd anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus to be a pandemic, thereby officially starting the COVID World Order (CWO) and striking a cruel and possible mortal blow against basic civil liberties across the globe. Two years ago yesterday, the Wuhan Flu moved the West one great leap closer to the authoritarian and conformist model of China, where the disease developed or was developed.

Fear Is Freedom

And, I’m sadly of the opinion that in most ways that will end up mattering this panicdemic will continue for the foreseeable future. Most likely it will never really end. Instead, the visible signs of certain people’s fears and need to signal conformity and isolate the rest of us will become normalized.

Plague-Ridden Democrats
They’ve Become This

There are just too many people – almost all of them the sorts who vote Democrat – who have made the coronavirus, its effects upon them, and their responses to it their identity and the basis of their moral identityor, at least, the trappings and signals thereof – for the chilling effects of the panicdemic to actually end any time in the foreseeable future.

They are too enamored of feeling better about themselves for their compliant-with-authority behaviors, too fond of castigating and demonizing the “unwashed/unmasked/unvaxxed masses,” and, odd as it seems prima facie, too attached to the pain, discomfort, and harm their “moral actions” have caused them. They’re not going to stop what they’re doing and they’re going to rebel against any “apostate” force, be it governmental or private sector who tries to convince them to “fall from grace.”

So, in many ways, even when and if the sources of authority declare that America is “reopening,” nothing much will change. This is COVID-19 World Order, after all.

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Culling The 62%?

Do you think it is ever justified for citizens to take violent action against the government, or is it never justified?

The above was the 12th question in a recent Washington Post-University of Maryland poll. It was a question that 62% of the 1,100 respondents, who were a fairly even mix of Republicans (300), Democrats (399), and Independents (295), answered: “Never Justified.”

America Will Burn
And So The American Experiment Will End

And so, if true-born and rightly-raised Americans set back and do nothing, the Grand Experiment that is America shall come to a sad and shuddering end, borne down into the muck and mire of history under the twin weights of greed and obedience.

When 62% of people within our nation’s borders are willing to state that they believe that it is never justified to take violent action against the government, we’re past the point of normalcy or rhetoric as a means of saving Americans. When that many individuals reject the purpose and point of the 2nd Amendment, there’s little to no hope of a good outcome that doesn’t involve force majeur on Americans’ part.

No, in order to save America, patriots culling the 62% from, at a minimum, the electorate, more likely the public sphere in general, and possibly the population itself, is a course of action that must be seriously considered. Obviously, the tree of Liberty is parched and must be watered.

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Highly Effective?

The Vaccines Are Highly Effective?
The Vaccines Are Highly Effective?

I’ll give them that the vaccines are safe since a vanishingly low percentage of recipients have had any noticeable adverse effects worse than some years’ flu shots and the largest number of them can be and were handled by simple measures at the vaccination sites. But highly effective? Or even particularly effective at all for preventing either the contraction or transmission of COVID-19? No; I’m not sold on that at all.

Sure, all the data shows a high likelihood that all of these COVID-19 vaccines will, while they’re still working, reduce your chance of infection and, if infected anyway, the severity of your symptoms. Hence, by and large, I advocate getting vaccinated, and your strongly considering keeping up with the boosters. But don’t try to tell me that they’re highly effective. That’s just propaganda designed for the purpose of crowd control.

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