Ecotards Are Like That

Ecotards Are Like That
Ecotards Are Like That

“Saving” a tortoise and throwing in it the water where it will drown – yeah, sadly, ecotards are like that all too often. In fact, a certain number of this misborn and very poorly raised idiots are an active and credible threat to the environment they purport to save.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s fewer and less extreme idiots among the “environmental activists” today, but in the many years I worked in the environmental field, I saw or heard of many, many acts of stupidity by ecotards that were at least as bad as throwing a tortoise into deep water in to set it free. Some were downright dangerous to whole population groups. 🙄

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The Wheel Of Whine

AOC's Wheel Of Whine
Knowing Nothing, The Puta Can And Will Whine About Anything
AOC’s Wheel Of Whine

AOC’s been back in the media’s light recently, whining and ranting about various, random things – most of which seem to have been creations of her own delusional and malformed mind, e.g., a Border Patrol agent taking a “stealth selfie” with her.

I Have No Clue But I'm Going To Scream About It Until Men Start Using My Mouth
I Have No Clue But I’m Going To Scream About It

Let’s face it, with AOC knowing so very little about so many topics that are normally considered as requirements for those exercising any level of authority, it’s quite easy for her to scream and or whine about stuff in general. While the Truth chains normal people, AOC’s rampant and seemingly defiant ignorance of anything beyond presumably slinging drinks and fellatio – both needed but insufficient skills for her political career – provides her with the absolute freedom to do as she pleases.

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me o’ermuch if somewhere within the morass of AOC’s mind there was a Wheel of Whine that she spins upon waking to determine what she’ll complain about that day.

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Shiteaters For Biden

Shiteaters For Biden
Shiteaters For Biden

Exactly! Sadly for the American people though, we’re infected with a damn lot of shiteating Democrats who’ll dive into the shit sandwich that is the Biden-Harris campaign like cats on an old, dead feminist.

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B  iggest
I   diot
D  emocrats
E   ver
N  ominated

ROFLMAO Ole’ Crazy Uncle Joe’s name sure does sum him up to a T, doesn’t it? He is, almost without a doubt, the biggest idiot that the Democrats have ever nominated for high office, much less POTUS.

Then, intelligence has never been a firm criterion for Democrats, quite often the opposite. So Biden has a decent hope of winning the 2020 elections.

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Toilet Paper? Bah!

Toilet Paper? Bah! Got Me Some Dryer Sheets
Toilet Paper? Bah! Got Me Some Dryer Sheets

You’all go ahead with craziness and panic buying. I’m old enough to work around your failings. 😆

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