Simple Climate Truth

Posted in Society, The Environment on April 17th, 2014

I’ll give the Warmists full marks for tenacity. Even in the wake of total failures of every one of the models to match reality and society as a general whole dismissing their alarmism and agenda, they still spend a fair amount of effort and money on preaching Global Warming.

Climate Truth
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

The simple truth, however, is that their beliefs have more akin to religion than to science. When it comes to climate anyone’s guess as to what is going to happen and why it’s going to do so is as good as anyone else’s. The system is too large, complex, and has too many input variables for mankind to model or predict.

That won’t seemingly stop the Warmists though. They’ve taken their scripture to heart and will remain as staunchly faithful to it as the most devout of the Young Earth creationism. ;-)

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Global Warming Ends!

Posted in Politics on March 19th, 2014

Michael Mann - False Scientist, Fraud, Corrupter, Liar, and valid target for extermination“Global Warming Ends!” should be the headline story for this week because it’s now obvious that Global Warming has ended. Oh, not the poorly understood cyclical rise and fall of Earth’s temperatures and not whatever warming effect might be caused by Man’s actions. No, what has finally ended is the farcical hoax and fraud of AGW as a sociopolitical and economic force in the majority of the Civilized World.

This theory is based upon direct scientific evidence. Columbia Journalism Review reports that 17 news organizations, including National Public Radio, Dow Jones, and The Washington Post, submitted an amicus brief in November, demanding access to Michael Mann’s emails during the time period of the Climategate scandals.

The 17 media organizations joining The Reporters Committee include:

  • Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
  • First Amendment Coalition
  • Gannett Co., Inc.
  • National Press Photographers Association
  • National Public Radio, Inc.
  • News Corp
  • Newspaper Association of America
  • North Jersey Media Group Inc.
  • Radio Television Digital News Association
  • Reuters America LLC
  • Student Press Law Center
  • The Washington Post

The can be little doubt that, if the Lamestream Media and NPR(!) have turned against Global Warming’s cofounder, the AGW hysteria has ended in all but name. All that’s left is the fallout and the repercussions against its grifters who promulgated it.

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Warming Jihad

Posted in Politics, The Environment on January 8th, 2014

“Climate professor” Chris Turney assembled a tax-payer funded Global Warming propaganda junket to the Antarctic which ended up evidencing the massive expansion of Antarctic ice in the most ironic and visceral manner as their ship become stuck in the polar ice followed by the Chinese icebreaker sent to rescue them also becoming entrapped in the same ice.

Warmist Jihad
Death To Infidels!

I suppose fortunately, both the global warming expedition vessel and the Chinese rescue ship trapped in Antarctica have exploited cracks in the ice to break free and steam toward safety.

Don’t expect any in-depth analysis of this and its meaning from the Lamestream Media though. They’ve been studiously avoiding mentioning that Turney’s expedition was a Global Warming propaganda trip, which set out to prove climate change, ended up trapped in the very ice that they sought to prove had melted. This is because they know that it is no wiser to antagonize the Warmists than it is to antagonize the Islamists.

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