Climate Trends

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on December 12th, 2014

Climate is different from weather and one has to look at longer term trends when one studies climate and any changes to it.

44 Years Of Climate Trends
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So it’s true; over the past 44 years there’s been a significant change in the climate…the climate of crisis.

But would it surprise anyone that the whole Global Cooling hysteria of the 1970s conspicuously coincided with rants about sulfur dioxide (SO2) when threats of acid rain weren’t generating “enough” changes to- and reductions of First World industries?

And would it shock you to learn that what warming there has been in the Earth’s climate also conspicuously coincides with the reductions in sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions that were demanded by various governments in reaction to Global Cooling fear-mongering?

Well, at least the last 44 years of climate trends shows a measurable and repeating pattern. ;-)

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Running Hot and Cold

Posted in 2012 Election, Coffee & Tea, Philosophy, Politics, Society on November 24th, 2014

It's Global Warming! The Libtards know this because of their Art History degrees
AGW – Running Hot And Cold

What more is there to really say beyond the only “Climate Chaos” is that among the miseducated Liberals and Progressives as they scramble for a rationale to continue their attacks upon the economies of the Civilized World? What more is there to say beyond that the only “Meltdown” is the one happening among the Warmists as they fail to do so?

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Kerry’s Correspondence

Posted in Humor, Politics on September 25th, 2014

Obama’s latest Secretary of State, John Kerry actually publicly said that the threats posed by Climate Change should be addressed with as much “immediacy” as confronting ISIS. Yes, it’s true; Kerry believe there’s a direct correspondence between these threats.

Climate Change Is Just Like ISIS
Climate Change and Haircuts

I suppose he’s close to right…if there’s a similar correspondence or equivalency between beheading and haircuts.

Of course this is coming out of the mouth of an individual who first made his fame by drawing a similar correspondence between his supposed brothers in the US military and the terrorists of the Viet Cong…

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