A Bit O’ Green

A Bit O’ Green – Just A Bit though

Well, it’s St. Patrick’s Day once again, and it’s time to wear a bit ;o green. Indeed, with the semi-mandatory “social distancing” due to the panic over the Coronavirus, all you really need is just a bit of it … and not a whole lot else.

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Go Green!

Go Green on St. Paddy's Day
It’s St. Paddy’s Day – Go Green!

Now see? “Wearing” the Green on St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to entail a lot of effort or trying to choose what clothes to wear. There are other, even better options to show your love of the Irish as the delightful and deliciously curvy Demmy Blaze illustrates so well. 😉

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New Deal Dems’ Logo

The Green New Deal Prompts Dem's Logo Change
The Green New Deal Prompts Dem’s Logo Change

Yeah, that about sums up the coming changes to the Democrat party if they get behind the idiocy that is AOC’s Green New Deal.

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Wearing The Green


Stacey Poole Wearing The Green
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Britain’s ever-delightful and voluptuous Stacey Poole is showing us all that St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just an Irish holiday and that there’s a lot to be said in favor for rapprochement between the peoples of England and Ireland.

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What Is Wrong With This?

I got an interesting tweet from the White House Press Corp earlier today. I can hardly wait to see how things spin out on this issue, especially with the election season in full bore.

So what is wrong with this? The answer one will likely arrive at depends upon one’s ideology and loyalties.

The average American, upon seeing this, is likely to say that obviously gasoline prices are far too high and rising far too sharply over the course of Obama’s attempted reign.

The Liberals and Progressives, on the other hand, are likely to see this far differently as they endorse and support higher gasoline prices as part of their strategy to “starve away” Global Warming. Hence, this sort of tweet, if the content gets any real play, will likely be used as an excuse to rant that minimum wage obviously needs to be greatly increased.

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