Queers Are Stupid

Queers Are Stupid
Queers Are Stupid

Yes, queers are stupid. They openly and vociferously support “Palestine” despite the fact that each and every one of them could, and likely would, be subject to being tortured and brutally murdered by the very sorts they support if they were to ever meet them. They side with the very sorts that kill their kind whenever they found. That’s a special sort of stupid.

It’s not, IMHO, quite the sort of stupidity that most of us think though. Theirs is that special sort of stupidity that comes stems from the fact that the vast majority of queers are Democrats. And the Democrat party is staunchly antisemitic, especially when it comes to the Jewish nation of Israel. The queers’ stupidity is blindly following the Democrat party’s ideology even when it not only counter to their material interests, it’s counter to the very survival of those like them.

Sadly though, you can’t fix stupid. There’s no pill you can have them take; there’s not a class you can go to. Stupid is life. All you can do is to make sure that they can cause the least amount of harm to others as possible.

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Palestine 1977

Palestine 1977
Palestine 1977 – A Lie Then, A Lie Now

Just a brief bit of history to remind people – and Democrats and Muslims – that the myth of Palestine and Palestinian people has been around for a while, and no Arab leader has ever, even when it power in the area, created a nation called Palestine. The closest to Palestine that ever existed was the 2nd Century AD Roman name for the entire region, Syria Palaestina.

There was never any real attempt to provide the “Palestinians” with a nation to call their own. If there had been, or even any compassion from other Arab types, there would be 1.5 million or more “Palestinians” living in 58 UN-recognized Palestine refugee camps in: Jordan, Lebanon, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. And they certainly wouldn’t be on their 3rd generation in the those camps.

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Widows And Orphans

Yes, we do fear Muslim widows and orphansMuslim Widows And Orphans

Also, let me point out that both the widow and the orphan shown above are Palestinians, parts of Hamas in the West Back. In other words, they’re both “good” Muslim terrorists and hold a special place in the hearts of Liberals and Progressives. Now picture what ISIS will do and how far they’ll go for their false God.

Does the above that I or any American believe that all, or even a majority, of those Muslim widows and orphans will turn out to be terrorist jihadi? No! Statistics from both government and NGO sources say that, if we let 10,000 of them into America, only 2000 will be supportive of Muslim Terrorism, and only 200 will actually “radicalize” and commit terrorist acts in the names of Allah and his Pedophile Prophet.

Of course, much like serial killers, we can’t tell which ones of those widows and orphans are a danger by looking at them…

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Flagging Equivalency

Within America’s borders certain sorts hate the Flag of the Confederacy and others love it. Both groups, however, seem to have little true understanding of it or its symbolism. Instead, they project their own feelings upon it.

Liberals, Progressives, and the ever-angry Blacks claim the Flag of the Confederacy is about nothing but hate and racism. Southerners claim it’s all about history and heritage. Insofar as I can see – and I’m a born and raised Southerner – both groups fail to truly understand. The Flag of the Confederacy of the Confederacy is called the Rebel Flag for a reason.


Real Equivalency In Flags
(Click to Enlarge)

There truly is a direct equivalency between the Confederate Flag, the Republic of Ireland’s flag, and the flag of the Palestinians. All are “rebel flags” and all represent people and forces that engaged in violent rebellion, though, fortunately for Americans, only the last two can be truly linked to ongoing terrorism and insurrection.

Remember, “The South Shall Rise Again” are not merely empty words anymore than “Sinn Féin,” or “Palestine!” are merely empty words. Those words are the motto, mantra, and promise of people’s who want to determine for themselves how live and govern the lands that they claim as being their own.

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Endorsed By Hamas

Though far-flung, hyperbolic in the extreme, and inaccurate in the specific, these guys still got it right in the larger context.

With a POTUS like him, who needs Jihadists?
Obama – Endorsed By Hamas

The only reason Hamas doesn’t endorse Obama is that they’re too stupid to realize that the boy’s the best, staunchest, and most powerful ally in their war to eradicate the Jews and Christians in Israel.

This, of course, begs two questions:

  1. How much are the words and deeds – or lack thereof – of a POTUS worth in a purely material sense?
  2. If that worth is set as greater than $0.00, why hasn’t the appropriate provisions of the NDAA been applied to Obama?

Face it; with a POTUS like Obama, who needs Jihadis? The boy is the epitome of “home grown” Muslim terrorism. Hellfire! The Obama Regime is a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

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