Getting Facts From CNN

Getting Facts From CNN
Getting Facts From CNN…

That’s funny but also 100% true. Watching CNN in order to get the facts is like watching reruns of Green Acres to learn about farming or life in rural America for that matter. CNN is fiction – pernicious, anti-American fiction.

How CNN Reports Upon Americans

The truly disgusting thing is that the image above lampoons the best of CNN’s reporting. At best, they lie with facts by taking them out of context and spinning them into a denigration of good, upstanding Americans. Far more often they openly spew falsehoods that they’ve created out of whole cloth or had fed to them by Democrats.

And all that is just within the scope of their “reporting,” When we include their and their guests’ commentary during their various programs and what their staff spews on social media, CNN moves from simple fiction into poorly edited dystopian fantasy.

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Lies, Lies, Lies!


The cake is a lie! It's a rock, specifically a striation of red agate, white opal, and botryodial chalcedony
The Cake Is A Lie! It’s A Rock!

The Dutch Oven Is A Lie! It's A Cake!
The Dutch Oven Is A Lie! It’s A Cake!

The rock is a lie! It's paint. Specifically, it's mixture of many automotive paints aged for years known as Fordite
The Rock Is A Lie! It’s Paint!

Lies, lies, lies, and damn lies, I tell you! You can’t trust anything – much less anyone – anymore. The cake’s a rock; the dutch oven’s a cake; and the bloody rock is just years and years’ worth of piled up, dried automotive paint. 😉

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Facts & Fiction Today

Facts & Fiction Today
Facts & Fiction Today

That’s one of the biggest and most important, if not the biggest and most important, threats facing the Civilized, Free, Western World today – the blurred and biased line between facts and fiction today. Between the Lamestream Media’s Fake News and Social Media’s “Fact Checkers,” it’s largely impossible for anyone to distinguish between facts and fiction.

But then, this hellish situation should hardly be considered unexpected. After all, just as an informed Citizenry is necessary to Democracy, a misinformed Citizenry is needed for tyranny to sink its roots in society. And there are certain sorts who sorely desire such tyranny… for all the best reasons of course.

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Lights, Camera, Fiction

Lights, Camera, Fiction
Lights, Camera, Fiction

“Lights, Camera, Fiction!” Truly, this is how, if anyone was still interested in either honesty or America’s Constitution, how every single broadcast by the Lamestream Media should start. After all, they’ve proven time and time again over the years that the truth is no longer in them and something they actively avoid speaking with what amounts to religious fervor.

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Stolen Cowardice

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, says a lot of stupid stuff, much of which seems to be borderline insane, indicative as it is of a deep-seated paranoia and persecution complex. But acognition and madness aren’t a valid excuse for anything. There are some false claims, be they lies or delusions, that aren’t going to be tolerated. They are too far beyond the pale and too easily refuted with the truth by any who care to do so.

In this case, it’s AOC’s stolen cowardice video, wherein she claimed that she was hiding in the closet of her office while the Capitol protesters hunted for her.

Of course, AOC wasn’t even in the Capitol Building during the incursion. She was across the Capitol campus, in the Cannon Building.

Ah well. Not much to do about this. As we all know, AOC’s mouth is only used for two things: spewing crazy, paranoid, bullshit, and performing the “services” that keep her in office. 😉

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