Assault Religion

Islam - The Assault ReligionIslam – The Assault Religion

Well, we’ve suffered through yet another Muslim terrorist attack here in NYC. And, yet again, it wasn’t because of assault weapons or assault vehicles. It was because of an assault religion, Islam.

Sadly, despite the various Liberal and Progressive claims to the contrary, Islam is either the root cause or a significant factor in all of these terrorist attacks. Indeed, the Civilized World would be wiser to call then Jihad Attacks as opposed to just terrorism. Terrorism, after all, simply defines methodology without addressing the real goals of the attack.

While the Usbek immigrant, Sayfullo Saipov could both easily and accurately be described as a disaffected loser, it was Islam that provided with with a “way out” of his situation. Islam’s specific treatment of Jihadis and Martyrdom makes this so and is the force that “triggers” Muslim losers to resort to terrorist attacks upon the peoples of the West.

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Move Along, People

Just another filthy ragheadMove Along, People! Nothing To See Here

The above cartoon aptly sums up Obama’s role within the cult of Islam. He is their security guard and gatekeeper within America, always prepared to serve and protect them from just reprisal.

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Hillary’s Nice Response

Hillary would blame truck makers for Muslim terrorismHillary’s Nice Response

Given that Hillary has already called for lawsuits against firearms and ammunition manufacturers for how individuals chose to use their products, her response to the Muslim terrorist attack in Nice, France would probably be to call for truck manufacturers to be sued.

And she’d probably also declaim that kafir needed to accept and atone for their privilege and listen more to the complaints of the jihadis. 😯


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉 Your vote counts, whether it’s cast at the polls or from the rooftops.

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