What’s Wrong With Bernie

What's Wrong With Bernie Is That He's a Hypocrite And A Failure
What’s Wrong With Bernie

That is exactly what’s wrong with Bernie Sanders. The allegedly corrupt, millionaire Democratic Socialist who claims that what he defines as greed, guns, and prison are what is wrong with America…and he so desperately wants the power to take your money from you with the overt threat of armed force and prison sentences.

Well, that’s one of the things wrong with Bernie. The other is that he doomed to failure and would, if allowed, drag our country down with him.

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Capitalism vs. Socialism

Capitalism vs. SocialismCapitalism vs. Socialism

Despite the oft-ranted delusions of the Left, this does sum up the contrast between Capitalism and Socialism in the real world as opposed to the academic fantasy utopia that certain sorts insist in living in. Only in the case of a very few, very small, very wealthy countries has Socialism worked at all…and in those few countries it is maintained through strict laws, e.g., stringent immigration laws, that the Liberals and Progressives within America hate, loath, and deplore.

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It’s A Package Deal

When you buy union you buy the whole package deal
Buy Union – It’s A Package Deal

Whenever you buy union you buy all of what the “union provides.” Whenever you buy union you lend material aid and comfort to the union and to those individuals, groups, and agendas they support.

Before you buy union consider what else your buying for yourself and your people as part of that package deal.

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