Its Eid al-Kafir!

Eid al-Kafir - National Bacon Day
Its Eid al-Kafir! In Other Words It’s National Bacon Day

That’s right, My Fellow Americans; it’s Eid al-Kafir, the festival of infidels, National Bacon Day – not to be confused with International Bacon Day, which is on the first Monday of September in the US. And, on this day, we come together to celebrate our not being Muslims…with bacon!

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Nice Non-Racist Melons

What with the raging infection of Political Correctness and censorship that America is suffering from and all, some things have become more and more difficult to do. An example of this is simply posting a picture of a woman with melons…

White Babe Melons
Nice Non-Racist Melons

I think, however, I’ve managed this feat with this pic of some delightful and non-Racist melons. at least insofar as any jabbering screams of racism are concerned.

As the babe is White and there’s nothing in her clothing or the setting to indicate “Blackness,” it’ll take some interesting to watch and probably painful to perform contortion of emotion – they don’t actually think – on the part of either Liberals and Progressive or the Blackivists and their “posses” to claim this is racist. Similarly, unless they’re ready to say that watermelons are actually “Black,” thereby validating any and every watermelon joke out there, they can’t even claim it’s cultural appropriation.

Yep! I’m proud to show you all these nice and non-racist melons. 😀

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Paraguayan For Lunch?

Paola Rios making fruit salad
A Little Paraguayan For Lunch?

Yeah, I’m thinking some Paraguayan sounds like a great idea for lunch. The only problem I see with that is that Paola Rios isn’t available for takeaway.

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