It’s Trump Season

Trump Season
It’s Trump Season 😆

It’s Trump Season and the Democrats, their Lamestream Enemedia, and the various stripes of Liberals and Progressives that vote for them are and have been most definitely hunting President Trump. Of course, they’ve been having the results and successes as Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny…with similar levels of amusement for American people.

But hey! The way they’re going, it’s not going to be long before the last outgoing Democrat is on television saying, “Th-th-th-that’s all folks!”

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Yep! We all have – or are – that one friend…

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And The Winner Is…

Sunday, May 3, 2015 was the inaugural Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest was held in Garland, TX. Of course, Muslim vermin showed up to murder people in response to this supposed outrage against their Pedophile Prophet.

The Best Muslim Cartoon
Muhammad Cartoon Contest Winner

Thanks to an American putting down the two vermin, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, there was a late entry to the Draw Muhammad competition. It was the clear winner. Then, when it comes to art featuring Muslims, you can’t easily beat chalk on pavement. 😉

Hehe…Both of the ragheaded, jihadi apes have kin in the general area. Maybe some American artists can turn this into a series.

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