If You Gaze Into The Cleavage

If You Gaze Into The Cleavage, The Cleavage Gazes Also Into You
If You Gaze Into The Cleavage,
The Cleavage Gazes Also Into You

Gentlemen – and not a few of you Ladies – to provide you with advice by paraphrasing Nietzsche, “If you gaze into the cleavage, the cleavage gazes also into you.” Oh yes; you can lose your soul this way… And, this days in America, a fair amount of money with little value in return. 😉

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The Butterfly Effect


The Butterfly Effect – Chaos Ensues

Chaos is perhaps the most overused and misused term in science today. That being said, Gentlemen, we don’t have to understand chaos or the deeper meaning behind the Butterfly Effect. We just have to be aware of- and beware of the problems it can, does, and will cause us in life. 😉

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When Chicken Wing Is OK

When Chicken Wing Is OK
The One Time When When Chicken Wing Is OK

Ah yes; the Chicken Wing. One thing that will seemingly summon every nearby modern gun pedant to “explain” to you why you’re wrong to do it and how you’d get F-ed up by doing it when it mattered. But, like all rules, there are exceptions, sometimes very valid ones. 😉

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Age-Appropriate Erector Sets

Age-Appropriate Erector Sets
Age-Appropriate Erector Sets

Erector Sets were until the 1980s a favorite toy among boys – and, I both suppose and hope some girls. I’ll admit though that they were always probably a bit less popular to parents due to the odd metallic smell they always developed and all the fiddly little nuts and bolts that erector sets seemed to shed all over everywhere.

I Did Not Put Childish Things Behind Me; I Merely Added Adult Things

But, even as we aged-out of one variety of erector set, we grew into the appreciation for another sort of, age-appropriate erector sets. 😆 Not, mind you, that we all gave up on the original sort. Some of us chose to add to instead of replace one for the other.

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Autumn's 1st Cold Breezes

I Love Autumn’s 1st Cold Breezes… For Wonderfully Obvious Reasons

Autumn is one of, if not the most, popular season of the year. From my viewpoint, especially living in NYC, the reasons for this are obvious… and it’s that obviousness that explains the popularity. The combination of generally warm weather and cold breezes bring out the beauty of this season. 😛

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