Celebrate Independence Day!

Celebrate Independence Day!

This year, with the crazed hate of the Left, the Blacks’ rioting and looting, and the attacks upon the fabric of our nation’s proud history, celebrate Independence Day!

Revel in the beauty of America and her history. Show our domestic enemies that Americans will not be cowed by their actions.

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Celebrating Women

It’s A Good Day For Celebrating Women

If figure that, since it’s International Women’s Day, it’s a good day for celebrating women. And, since this is meant to be a celebration of women as opposed to the various angry, angsty, and conflicted womyn of the world, I’m doing so by showcasing 27 lovely, country women.

Let’s face it. When it comes to women who embrace the feminine in all or most of its delightful forms and who can, at need or whim, show themselves to be both tough as nails and totally badass, it’s the country women who reign supreme and deserve to be celebrated.

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Get Back To The Gym!

Gentlemen, Get Back To The Gym!

It’s the very end of February – given that it’s leap year, it’s even a bit later – and you’ve probably cast your fitness resolution off by this time. So … Get back to the gym. You’re missing out on a whole lot!

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Still Need A Sweater

Spring May Be Coming But You Still Need A Sweater

That’s right. Spring is coming, but it’s still cold enough across large swaths of the Northern Hemisphere that you need a sweater. Fortunately, that’s far from being a bad thing overall. 😉

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Sweaters Are De Rigueur

Sweaters Are De Rigueur

As it’s the middle of December, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere sweaters are de riguer, as are periodic sweater-based posts here at Reflections From A Murky Pond – though some specific compromises (#2, #9, and #10) are being made to accommodate more Southern readers.

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