Still With The Sweaters

Still With The Sweaters

Yeah, the very end of February or not, it’s still deep into sweater season. Not, my friends, that’s this is an objectively bad thing.

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Orthocegenation – It’s All Good, Gentlemen

Gentlemen – and for this purpose, by that I mean my fellow White men – it’s all good. There’s no such thing as miscegenation, not since we got rid of those Jim Crow laws. So, White Girl, Black Girls, Latina Girls, Desi Girls, and Asian Girls are all Orthocegenation for us – the exact, polar opposite of miscegenation. Yes, Gentlemen, in this context, diversity is to be enjoyed and encouraged.

And… If you’re just here for a bit of fun and enjoy and rainbow of beautiful women, this would be when you leave and go off to the next thing. Otherwise, read on for further, more serious discourse on orthocegenation and the reasons to engage in it.

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12 Days Of Christmas

The 12 Days Of Christmas – A Recap

Alas, the 12 Days of Christmas have ended. But here’s a quick recap of the 12 Christmas beauties that have presented here over the last 12 days.

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12th Day Of Christmas


12 Days Of Christmas – The 12th Day
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This is the 12th and last Day of Christmas for the year. Hence, here’s one last beautiful, barely wrapped present for you all to enjoy.

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11th Day Of Christmas


12 Days Of Christmas – The 11th Day
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As this is the 11th Day of the 12 days of Christmas, here’s yet another beautiful, barely wrapped present for you all to enjoy.

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