Why We Look

Why We Look At Boobs

Yep! Despite the incessant rantings of the Feminists, we men really have no malicious intent behind our staring at boobs. We just haven’t completely lost touch with our inner child. 😉

And, even better and more importantly, looking at boobs is good for men. Doing so makes us happier and healthier. 😉

So please, #FreeTheNipple! Because even those who aren’t otaku know that “Boing!” is the best sound in the world. 😛

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Sometimes Ass Is Enough

Ass In Pink Thong And Garters

Not Often, But Sometimes Ass Is Enough

I normally don’t post images of women’s parts. As a rule, I don’t favor images of women that don’t include their faces. But … in the words of Barbossa, “The code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.” Sometimes ass is enough, especially extremely fine asses.

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The Finest Canvases

There’s a decent chance that it will come as a shock to many that I’m quite fond of tattoos and tattooed women. Hell! Both of mine are fairly heavily tatted and one even has multiple decorative scarifications.

Women’s Skin – The Finest Canvases In Creation

Ah yes, a woman’s skin is the finest canvass in Creation, or so my beliefs inform me. 😉 And, at least so far as prurient voyeurism goes, I’d imagine that most men – and a not an inconsiderable number of women – agree with me.

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Fisherwomen: Pros & Cons

Fisherwomen: Pros & Cons
Fisherwomen: Pros & Cons

You just might have to be at least a bit country and far more than a bit of a fisherman to get really this one, but enjoy! 😆

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Random Acts Of Beauty 2

Random Acts Of Beauty

Reflections From A Murky Pond is a dark blog, and I don’t mean just it’s theme. So, I figure some random acts of beauty might leaven it and my, the author’s, mood, a wee bit.

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