Trump Isn’t The Problem

Trump Isn't The ProblemTrump Isn’t The Problem

Yeah, we’ve a serious problem in America. But President Trump is the problem. The problem is how a whole generation of “parents” largely failed to raise their children properly. Now America is paying the price for these Millennials and the children their breeding.

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Teaching Their Daughters

Feminists Teaching Their Daughters Feminists Teaching Their Daughters

By not only utterly ignoring Hillary’s longstanding history of corruption and scandal, but actually lauding her as someone they can hold up as a positive lesson and role model for their daughters, Feminist are teaching those daughters the truth of Feminism – that nothing is wrong and nothing matters except the vagina.

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Liberals’ Childish Angst

Liberal Choices of AngstLiberals’ Childish Angst

And the greatest irony is the Liberals and Progressives – ever so fond of infanticide aka abortion – seem to feel, judging by the vitriolic rhetoric, that the underlying issue with the term, “Anchor Babies” is that it dehumanizes the results of the illegal aliens’ gestational tourism.

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