Illegal Electioneering?

Posted in 2014 Election on July 19th, 2014

Obama as The Joker - SocialismIs it merely coincidence that the Obama Regime is moving the illegal immigrants flooding through America’s southern “border” to, and only to, areas – if one listens to what his media reports upon – of the country where the Latino vote could swing the results of the upcoming 2014 elections? Or is this a deliberate attempt by the Obama Regime to politically profiteer off of the misery and fear of these illegal aliens, the current majority being unaccompanied children who’ve been sent to the US alone to avoid conflict in Central and South America? We don’t, after all, hear about them being moved to camps in vulnerable Blue states.

This has been billed as a crisis and we all know that the Obama Regime is quasi-religious about not letting a crisis go to waste if they can manipulate the perception of it to their benefit. Then again, it might be nothing more than coincidence based upon available camps to house these people and personnel to deal with them.

Which do you think? Coincidence or a cynical attempt to use these illegals for electioneering purposes?

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The Innocent Children

Posted in Politics, Religion on July 18th, 2014

As I predicted, The ever-antisemitic Liberals and the Lamestream Media are promulgating various images and tales of Palestinian children being slaughtered by Israel’s IDF. The blame, of course, is always laid at the feet of those damn Jews.

Muslim Human ShieldsJihadi Command Post

Of course, the Liberals – whose opinion of the Jewry is quite clear – utterly refuses to acknowledge, much less mention, that every single child harmed or killed in Gaza was killed solely because the jihadi terrorists of Hamas wanted that child to be killed.

Let us, however, step back from the obvious truth that Hamas uses their own children as human shields and their corpses as propaganda pieces. Let us instead look at the deeper and sadder truth of the children of Islam.

Islam’s “Innocent” Children

Many, perhaps most, of those “innocent children” were far from innocent and were not forced to be human shields by the Hamas terrorists or their parents. They were there and were as ready to die as anyone ever is because they too are Islam’s jihadis.

All across the Muslim World, but especially in the Muslim-controlled areas of Israel, children suck in hate and violence with their mothers’ milk. At a very young age – by the standards of the Civilized World – they are indoctrinated in the Fedayeen or Mujahideen. From that point onward they are just more jihadis and more terrorists, valid targets in war.

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Lauding What Is Normal

Posted in Society on July 11th, 2014

The flag flies at half staff over land in mourning for the passing of AmericaAmerica, as a society, has fallen into the trap of drastically lowered expectations. We make heroes out those who merely do what should be expected of them and go to great lengths lauding what is normal or, at least, what should be considered the normal, baseline behavior for ourselves and our fellow citizens.

We praise and reward young minorities who come from the ghettos and barrios for simply doing what other kids do every day without praise. Americans literally treat them as heroes if they go to school, don’t join gangs, stay away from drugs, and/or refrain from siring or bearing bastard children of their own.

We certainly don’t similarly praise or reward the vast, normal majority of our youths for such behavior. Instead a large segment of society claims that they unworthy of praise, or even the fruits of the labor, because they are somehow privileged.

Personally, I can think of few greater injustices than lowering the expectations of a culture to the point where we glorify those members of that culture that behave in a manner that we demand from our own.

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