Proactive Motivation

Here’s Some Proactive Motivation For You All

If you’re like many Americans, you made a News Years resolution to improve your fitness and to work out or otherwise exercise more in 2018 than you had previously. Rather than waiting till the middle of February to provide you with some motivation to help you keep at it, I’ve decided to be proactive this year.

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#BlackLingerieMatters 01


In the spirit of trying to retard and/or ameliorate the degeneration of American society and culture, I present for your perusal, possible edification, and titillation the simple theory that Black Lingerie Matters and that restoring its prominence and, dare I say, preeminence in the arenas of romance and erotica is an overlooked but necessary part of Making America Great Again.

This isn’t politics. This isn’t legislation. This is the equivalent of “community policing” for America’s sexual morality. Fix the “broken windows” of sex wear and it will lead to people taking pride in their sexuality and not normalizing various perversions and forms of paraphilia. Remember, it’ll be easier to truly #MAGA if we starting working upon #MLGA first.

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Skank Lives Matter!

Skank Lives Matter!

#SkankLivesMatter! Stop Skank Shaming! I don’t know; think of the skanks? Skanks have feelings too and we’re setting an unreasonably “high” bar on skankiness, which is hurting, disadvantaging, and effectively oppressing less than optimal skanks?

And, like so much that should be purely funny, this has its head-shaking, eye-rolling, face-palming side since it is so close to what is really said and presumably believed by so many whenever it comes to anyone “outperforming” anyone else and succeeding and being praised for that success by society.

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