Cyber Monday's Benefits

Cyber Monday 2022 Benefits

Once again it’s Cyber Monday, the tech industry’s and the online retailers’ response and/or counter to Black Friday. So too, once again it’s time for Reflections From A Murky Pond to showcase some fine geek girls – 45 of them this year. πŸ˜€

This year, however, along with presenting a much larger gallery of Cyber Monday geek girls, I’m going to wax a little sociological. Geek Girls are a great benefit to Western Society. Like Velmas in cosplay, they reject certain norms for both appropriate gender-based activities – which were never truly accurate – and beauty/fashion standards.

Also, the simple fact that there is a market for Geek Girls, both real and fabricated for film, shows a broadening of standards for men. This is especially true of the latter, fabricated or “professional” Geek Girls. It’s a fine thing that geeks/nerds/tech-heads are now considered a valid market segment for prurience/pornography and that the successful model for them is one with similar interests as opposed to just being “hot.”

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Beer, Pretzels, and Boobs


Time To Enjoy Beer, Pretzels, and Boobs
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We’re winding up this year’s Octoberfest. It’s time to enjoy some beer, pretzels, and boobs while you still can.

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Keeping Her Boots On

Keeping Her Boots On
Keeping Her Boots On

I’m not and never have been a fan of women keeping their high-heels, especially high-heeled boots on in bed. Frankly, it always seemed to be problematical and I never understood the allure.

Well, now I do! It’s isometrics, and a good, solid brace for certain exercises. πŸ˜‰

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Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed - A Very Fine Idea
Breakfast In Bed – A Very Fine Idea

Breakfast in bed is almost always a very fine idea. So, try waking up early and first now and then. And, Gentlemen? Pancakes are pretty easy to make.

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We Welcome The Slutfolk

We Welcome The Slutfolk
We Welcome The Slutfolk With Open… *Ermmm*… Arms?

This mostly for those of who are gamers – MMO and tabletop – and/or fans of certain sorts of genre fiction, but only mostly. Writings of Half-Angels go back to approximately 1800BC, specific references to Half-Demons to the mid-19th century, and Half-Elves and Half-Orcs to the 1930s. And, only the last two are specifically fiction. πŸ˜‰

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