Good Kissers Are Good

Good Kissers Are Good

Despite what certain sorts will eagerly and angrily claim, we – well, we Whites – not only don’t hate lesbians and bisexuals enjoy themselves and each other, we like it and understand in a very visceral way that good kissers are good.

In a twisted point of fact, those sorts that mendaciously declaim that we hate lesbian and bisexual women kissing – and/or more – are the ones most likely to have a problem with it themselves, especially if men are present. It really sticks in their collective craws that men actually like lesbians as long as they are not the man-hating sort.

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Bikini Interlude 69

Bikini Interlude – Very Close Friends Edition

While I can’t be more delightfully explicit in this post due to hosting constraints, this is the 69th Bikini Interlude. Hence, enjoy these bikini-clad pairs of women and enjoy the sapphic possibilities. 😉

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There Can Be Peace

There Can Be Peace In Ukraine
There Can Be Peace In Ukraine

There can be peace in Ukraine. All it takes is rapprochement done right by the Ukrainian Slavs and the Russian Slavs. If they can come together in a beautiful, harmonious manner, Putin’s forces will never defeat them – though they might join them. 😉

Still though – or even more so if this tactic is used – our servicemen and women would have good cause and a better purpose in deployed to Ukraine.

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She's Not A Lesbian

She’s Not A Lesbian; She’s Just A Pirate

Don’t jump to conclusions. Indeed, don’t even always believe your lying – or lied to – eyes. She’s not a lesbian; she’s just a pirate, and all pirates love booty.

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We Actually Like It

Girls Kissing Girls – We Actually Like It

As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, the normative majority of Americans are not in the least bothered by lesbians and bisexual women. Hell! We like it when they kiss girls; it’s our favorite thing.

The only ones who seem to have a real problem with it are some lesbians and the Feminists, and they have more of a problem with our lack of a problem with it than the girl-on-girl kissing itself – rather obviously in the case of the lesbians.

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