Re-Visioning Classic Sci-Fi

Re-Visioning Classic Sci-Fi

I’m not even going to equivocate. When one of my wives showed me these redone book covers for some of the classic sci-fi/fantasy novels, I: smoked, snorted, rolled my eyes, laughed out loud, and spit coffee over my laptop, depending upon each image. It was such a good start to the day that I decided to share with everyone.

Oh, and if all, most, or some of these images leave you wondering, don’t feel bad at all. These are comically redone first edition – I’m pretty sure the only edition is a few cases – covers of novels and novellas that I read as a kid. I’d hazard a guess that they’re all 50 or more years old.

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Faces Of Halloween

Faces Of Halloween

I’d say that the 17th is close enough, especially since I really don’t celebrate Halloween for religious reasons. So, in the spirit of not being an ass about a secular celebration, here’s some striking Halloween faces to inspire your spooky side.

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Cryptovictims - No Evidence Yet Some Believe
Cryptovictims – No Evidence Yet Some Believe

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It’s Dragon*Con 2017

It’s Dragon*Con 2017 – So, Cosplay Babes!

Well, it’s time once again for Dragon*Con! To celebrate that fact, here’s some beautiful cosplay babes for you to enjoy. This way, even if like myself, you can’t attend the conference, you can still enjoy it.

Oh, and a PSA for those who will be attending: Cosplay Is Not Consent.

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Victims Of Aragorn


Victim Of Aragorn
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Gondor and all of the West are bloody well lucky that they didn’t have anything even close to being similar to modern Liberals and Progressives. If they had, Gondor would have fallen and there would have been the equivalent of the cover depicted above.

They’d have been rioting all over Minas Tirith, screaming, “#OrclivesMatter! End Numenorian Privilege! Rohirrim are Racist!” It’d have been a mess and would likely have ended with Sauron ruling Middle Earth.

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