Deathly Double Standards

Jeff Goldstein of protein wisdom has this to say about the Obama Regime’s refusal to disseminate photos of Osama bin Laden’s post-extermination remains:

Evidently, the SEAL team assaulters didnt have the good sense to attach fake electrodes to dead Osamas genitals, or put a dog collar around his putrid neck. Because were that the case, no force on earth could keep the photos from being splashed all over the internet.

We dont trot out this stuff as trophies, Obama told CBSs Steve Croft.

Coffin-draped caskets of American soldiers, on the other hand? Why, INFORMATION MUST BE FREE!*

H/T to Steve B over at Tattered Bits of Brain for the link to Protein Wisdom, which I shamelessly repurposed.

Mr. Goldstein, with ample sarcasm, sums up what passes for modern society and the underlying double standard of Obama and his Liberals when it comes to depictions of the dead.

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