Obama’s Judgement

Obama's Judgement - Pro-Islam. Anti-PoliceObama’s Judgement

It’s important and quite telling that Obama constantly demands that Americans not rush to judgement when a Muslim commits and act of violence upon American soil but constantly rushes to judgement and condemnation every time a police officer kills a Black. It tells the world at large just exactly where- and who and with both his sympathies and antipathies lie.

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Different Shades Of Red

Just because two things bear a prima facie similarity doesn’t mean that they’re truly similar, much less equal. A perfect example of this is the relative responses by Obama and Putin to ISIS in Syria.

Not All Red Lines Are Created EqualDifferent Shades Of Red

We must hold this truth to be self-evident, not all red lines are created equal. One was drawn in ink and rhetoric by a narcissistic boy play-acting at being a man and the other was painted in fire and blood by a world leader. Those are quite different shades of red indeed.

Putin Bullying Obama
Putin’s Just A Bully

Of course, Putin is just being a bully. The only reason that Russia has a vested interest in stabilizing Syria and ending ISIS’ threat to the people there is because kicking over Obama toy soldiers proves to the world that Putin and Russia are stronger than Obama and America under his attempt at rule.

To be fair though, it’s not a straight up, apples-to-apples comparison for two reasons. firstly, Putin always supported Assad, where Obama armed and funded ISIS. Secondly, Putin wants a strong Russia that is a superpower and Obama has always stated that he want America reduced to just one nation among many. Hence, Obama might actually be ruling from the bottom.

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Who’d Hire Them?

Obama seemed pretty proud of his regime’s “Jobs for Jihadis” program to counter Islamic terrorism.

Who’d Hire Them?

Take a look at a sampling of them though. Who’d hire them? I can’t see where any amount of economic improvement and increased employment opportunities outside of the suicide bomber marketspace would help them much, if at all. 😆

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