Obama Defends Muslims

Posted in Politics on December 20th, 2015

You can take the buck outta the ghetto...Most Americans have noticed and commented against the sad fact that, whenever Muslims attack Americans, Obama first thoughts, words, and actions are in defense of Muslims, not in defense of the vast majority of Americans. It truly seems to almost everyone that Obama is far more concerned with defending Muslims from Americans than in defending Americans from Muslims.

What seems odd to me is that Americans are shocked by this behavior.

To me, that Obama defends Muslims instead of Americans is to be expected and follows a solid logic train. At the end of the day, Obama is nothing but a Black male. No matter how well-tailored and expensive the suit you put him in; no matter how well-spoken and lacking in Negro dialect he is; no matter what levels of wealth, power, and privilege he has be granted; despite even his well-heeled White upbringing, Obama is a Black.

As a Black its nigh on impossible for Obama to not defend the Muslims first, last, and foremost. The boy can’t look at Muslims, a demographic possessed of both appearance and behavior far different from the American norm – which is, of course, too White for Obama’s comfort – without it calling up visions of the past oppression, both factual and manufactured, of his own people, the Blacks. Of course, Obama’s immediate response to yet another act of Muslim terrorism is going to be to try to shield Muslims from any backlash. He can’t help himself; shielding the “other” from the “norm” and blaming the latter’s “racism” for any harm they suffer is part and parcel of Obama’s culture and very identity.

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Christmas Greetings

Posted in Humor, Religion, Society on December 19th, 2015

Merry Christmas, Muslims
Hey Muslims, Merry Christmas

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Which Ones Are Bad?

Posted in Politics, Religion, Society on December 19th, 2015

The Liberals and Progressives, their minority tenants, and also a disturbing large number of others who normally side with America are making a lot of angry noises about any and all plans to restrict Muslim entry into the US.

In the case of the latter group, it’s largely just anti-Trump hysteria and, hence, isn’t as intrinsically dangerous as the ideology of the Left and the minorities. In all cases though, the people screaming are forgetting to ask themselves one question…

Where's Radicalized Waldo?Where’s Radicalized Waldo?

Of the 10s of thousands – potentially 100s of thousands – of Muslim immigrants and refugees that some want to allow within America’s borders with little to no oversight or restrictions how many are “radicals?” Who knows? It’s not like we can tell by looking at them. Yet, the most conservative estimates say that just one third of the world’s Muslims support the most violent forms of jihad – even just under one fifth of the Muslims already in the US admit to doing so – and some 2%-3% will actually actively take part in it.

So, faced with tens or hundreds of thousands of utterly foreign faces whose languages and cultures are both alien to- and often antithetical to the American norm, how can we protect ourselves and our children from both the third that will support jihad and the small percentage that will carry it out inside America?

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