What Would Jesus Do?

What Would Jesus Do? Perhaps other and more than many believe
What Would Jesus Do?

The trite question, “What would Jesus do,” is a lot like the Christian conceit of imprecatory prayer; it’s more annoying than anything else. Given the general uselessness and cowardice of those who tend to ask WWJD, I would like to remind them that it might include turning over tables and breaking out whips.

Even as a Pagan it’s disheartening to know that the only ones that ever bring up the possibility of such wrath are the ever-covetous failures in America and then they focus solely on the targets being bankers, other financial types, and the wealthy, forgetting that Jesus beat the crap out them for profaning the temple, not for being wealthy.

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Islamic Olympians

Islamic Olympians

As we can see, the growing number of Muslims not hiding their Islamic while engaging in sporting events has radically and fundamentally changed Olympic competitions. 😉

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Move Along, People

Just another filthy ragheadMove Along, People! Nothing To See Here

The above cartoon aptly sums up Obama’s role within the cult of Islam. He is their security guard and gatekeeper within America, always prepared to serve and protect them from just reprisal.

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