Happy Little Bombs

Posted in Art, Humor, Politics, Religion on November 22nd, 2014

Happy Little Bombs and Unhappy little Ragheads
Happy Little Bombs

Ah, Bob Ross’ Joy of Bombing – happy little bombs, happy little smoking gobbets of Muslim meat, very unhappy little raghead vermin. :lol:

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Ecumenical Offense

Posted in Humor, Religion on November 16th, 2014

Here you go – a little ecumenical offense…

Our Deer Lord
Our Deer Lord

It probably is, or should be, equally offensive to Christian and Pagan alike. Whether you follow Yeshua ben Yosef or Cernunnos, there’s something to this image that will likely strike a chord of offensiveness in you.

You know what the great part is though? It’s that Christian and Pagan alike will do little more than roll their eyes or leave a comment displaying their dislike for my irreverence. They won’t threaten – or try – to kill me or riot worldwide over this.

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ISIS Sex Slaves Rescued

Posted in Humor, Politics, Religion on October 23rd, 2014

Breaking News: Despite ongoing claims by the Obama Regime that we’d have no “boots on the ground” in Iraq and/or Syria, US Marines have recently rescued a bunch of ISIS’ sex slaves.

USMC Rescue ISIS Sex Slaves
USMC Rescue ISIS Sex Slaves

While I praise the USMC for their unflagging commitment to morality and for making such a strategic strike against the Jihadis’ morale and operational efficiency, I’m left somewhat ambivalent. Yes, it’s good to prevent this particular Muslim predilection; yes, it’s good to to destroy the Muslims’ morale by freeing their sex slaves; but doing so comes with long-term consequences.

Every load of sperm some filthy Muslim spends inside a sheep, goat, or other farm animal is one that it didn’t spend inside something that could later squeeze out a new generation of these vermin that our children will have to fight against. Hence, I’m not sure if this was a wise idea. ;-)

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