Of Sons & Daughters

Sons & Daughters
Of Sons & Daughters Who’ve Died

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Liberals’ On Full-Auto

Gun-Grabbers Set For Full-AutoLiberals’ On Full-Auto

Whenever there’s an “appropriately” high profile crime that involved the use of a firearm – this particular time being Devin Kelly’s massacre of 26 people in First Baptist Church in rural Sutherland Springs, Texas – Americans are immediately assaulted by the Liberal and Progressive gun-grabbers. And yes, it’s a full-auto assault; a rapid fire attack of blamecasting, hoplophobia, and the vilest hatred towards the American people. Ironically, the shear volume of the gun-grabbers’ attempted verbal suppressive fire clearly indicates that they’ve gone beyond mere high-capacity magazines of vitriol and spite and have switch to belt-fed systems.

The only difference between the Sutherland Springs massacre and previous killings of note is that the Liberals and Progressives changed their strategies. They’re no longer committing targeted attacks against GOP lawmakers and the NRA as an organization. They’ve switched a strategic warfare model, targeting any and all NRA members and Republican voters.

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Who’s To Blame?

Who's To Blame For Rapes and Mass Shootings?
Who’s To Blame?

Yes, it’s in our nature to seek out who or what is to blame for any crisis – sometimes so much so that common decency is left by the wayside. Of course more consistently and less hypocrisy when it comes to blame would be nice. It’s a shame that the hoplophobic Left can’t manage that. Then, consistency and probity aren’t in their natures.

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