Unite Or Divide

Unite Or Divide
Unite Or Divide

It’s truly quite simple, yet it seems so hard for some to understand. One can say and do what unites the country or one can say or do what divides it. It’s not a hard concept, but it seems to many that it’s not one certain sorts can or will understand.

But It’s Us Who Are Wrong-Headed In This

What we, the People of the US fail to understand is this is a matter of ethnicity. The Liberals, Progressives, Leftists, Democrats, and their political sharecroppers are doing is an attempt to unite their nation. Their singular hope to bring their nation into existence upon the ravaged corpse of America to unite their people in hatred of all that America stands for and all that Americans love.

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Defund Or Defend?

Defund Or Defend? An Ethnic Question
Defund Or Defend? An Ethnic Question

To defund America’s police departments or to defend them from the attacks by Blacks and the Liberal and Progressive enables? It’s a question for which a person’s answer is based upon- and indicative of their ethnicity. Democrats and those sorts likely to vote for them demand that the police across America be defunded. Americans stand tall and defend the police.

So one’s answer devolves down to are they Democrat or American.

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Assuaging Black Grief

Assuaging Black Grief
Assuaging Black Grief

It’s a sad fact that rioting, looting, arson, and murder are the go-to means for the Blacks inside our country’s borders to seek to assuage their appropriated grief and anger.

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Racist Riot Response

President Trump's Racist Riot Response
President Trump’s Racist Riot Response

This, of course, is how the Democrats see things. President Trump’s call for enforcing the rule of law and quelling the Blacks’ riots is seen by Dems as racist. In their hate-filled, oikophobic minds, anything short of fueling the fires of Black Rage is racist.

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Abortion Is Murder

As Far As I’m Concerned Abortion Is Murder

That’s right. In my opinion the deliberate killing off of unborn-as-yet children is murder. It should, insofar as I’m concerned, be treated exactly as any other instance of such a crime – homicide, most often 1st Degree Homicide since it’s normally a premeditated act of killing on the parts of both the woman and the abortionist.

And therein is the rub as it were. Abortion is the commission of the crime of homicide and needs to be treated exactly the same in ways as any other instance of the crime.

Justifiable Homicide

If either the mother-to-be or the involved medical professional is of the strongly held and reasonable belief that bringing the child within her to term would be a clear and present threat to her life, then the abortion must be considered a case of justifiable homicide.

The Dead Can’t Be Killed

Rather obviously – but still a recurring point of contention apparently – if the unborn child is already dead, he or she can’t be killed and so, hence, he or she cannot be unlawfully killed, i.e., murdered. If any crime could be assessed in such circumstances it would rightly be assessed upon any who refused to remove the unborn child’s corpse from the woman’s body.

Reasonable Actions

Undertaking reasonable actions that in some statistically insignificant numbers of cases could lead to the death of a viable child in utero is not murder. Hence, the use of chemical contraceptives – including the correct use of Plan B – does not fall within the scope of homicide any more than anyone driving a car, which might result in an accident which might in turn result in the death of an unborn child does so.

Withdrawal of Life Support

While potentially problematical in detail and execution, it is my opinion that ending the life of an unborn child who will not survive in any real and functional manner past their birth is not murder. It is merely the withdrawal of life support, with the mother having given informed consent for such removal.

No Attainder!

And no; I make no exceptions in the cases of rape and/or incest. To kill the child of such unions is an attainder and quite specifically a particularly extreme form of “corruption of the blood,” wherein the child is punished for the crimes of the parent(s).


And there is my opinion, in some detail, on abortion and on abortion itself only. In this post I’m not venturing my opinions on ancillary issues and laws which surround it and which are often used as arguments in favor of killing off unborn children.

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