Old White Men Did It!

There’s two thing that you can count on from the Obama Regime: a non-stop minstrel show in service of the next election’s Democrat candidates and an equally non-stop diatribe against “Old White Men,” as the boy and his sycophants defines Republicans.

July has been no exception.

On the shootings in Chicago, where 10 people were killed over the Independence Day holiday weekend, the White House said gun-control measures opposed by Republicans would help to stem such violence.

Of course, what Obama and his “House Cracka,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest are ignoring and hoping everyone else will as well is the simple fact that Chicago already has some the strictest and most restrictive gun control laws in the US and that those laws have not had a noticeable impact upon violence in some parts of the city.

On the other hand, Obama is not entirely and completely wrong in blaming the GOP. Given the specific demographics of both murderers and victims in Chicago, the Negro-control measures that a 150 years ago were opposed by Republicans would have help to stem such violence. Hence, Obama is only wrong in detail, not in generality. The party of “Old White Men” is to blame for this.

Is the above sarcasm? Yes, to an extent. Yet, with 50% of the “gun violence” in the US being perpetrated by 13% of the population, Blacks, it’s also accurate.

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Boy Loved Him Some Bling

Jesse Jackson Jr. - Just another nigger thug for the big houseFormer U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his bitch pleaded guilty to federal charges on Wednesday related to years of using campaign funds for personal expenses. Both were crying as realized the full import of they’re being caught for their crimes and tried in a court of their betters.

Both criminals now face the possibility of multiple years in prison. Sentencing is June 28.

Sandi Jackson - Just another nigger hoe for the big houseReally though, what it comes down to with Jesse Jackson Jr. is that he was raised to believe that the world, especially Whites, owned him something and the boy loved him some bling. and that unholy but culturally lauded love led to his ruination.

Nobody should have expected any different and better outcome from Jackson being allowed to hold any power and have access to monies that could be stolen. This end was inevitable.

Here’s 15 items, totaling $112,397 of the $750,000 of campaign funds that the boy embezzled, that he bought with his plundered booty:

  1. Gold-plated Rolex – $43,350
  2. Michael Jackson memorabilia – $14,200
  3. Martin Luther King Jr. memorabilia – $11,130
  4. Bruce Lee memorabilia – $10,105
  5. Children’s furniture – $9,584
  6. Michael Jackson fedora – $4,600
  7. Michael Jackson & Eddie Van Halen Guitar – $4,000
  8. Michael Jackson hat – $3,900
  9. Jimi Hendrix memorabilia – $2,775
  10. Malcolm X memorabilia – $2,200
  11. Porcelain collector’s items – $1,553
  12. Black & Red cashmere cape – $1,500
  13. Black fox reversible – $1,500
  14. Mink reversible parka – $1,200
  15. Mink Cashmere cape – $800

Yep, the boy sho did love him some bling! Loved it so much that, lacking any personal or cultural moral compass, he broke a bunch of laws to get it.

One can only imagine what he and his bitch hoe, Sandi spent the other $637,603 of their stolen money upon. Then again, it mike unduly shock the senses and sensibilities of normal people to find out the rest of the purchases.

Pimp C in White furAlso I assume those cashmere and mink items were part of Sandi’s share of the take, but that be just my racial insensitivity showing. Ole Jesse. Jr. might have liked to pimp out now and then. He certainly wouldn’t be the first brutha to do so, nor will he be the last. 😉

Hey! The bucks know that sparkly bling goes best with mink. In both cases, the more the better.

On A Sickening Side Note

This is really just an aside that is too short to be post and too long for my normal “interjections” into existing posts. It only tangentially related to these two ghetto fools’ loot spending habits.

Notice that Jesse bought himself a fair bit of Michael Jackson memorabilia – to the tune of $26,700. Then look at his skank, Sandi. Doesn’t the hoe look like Michael Jackson in his later, post-modified days? 😯

The combination of these two things opens the door to some truly sickening possible insights into Jesse Jackson Jr.’s psyche and proclivities.

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That Law’s Not For Me!

Donne Trotter (D-17) - Gun-grabbing, hypocritical felonious ghetto thug in a suitAs living proof of the inefficiency of evolution I present the jabbering thug-in-suit, Illinois State Sen. Donne Trotter (D-17) who has shilled for the drug addicts, crack-whores, welfare breeder queens, and other sundry eaters and takers of Chicago’s South Side for many years.

Primarily, he has ran on the twin campaign platform planks of providing easy access to hard drug paraphernalia and gun control. Given that his constituency is largely made up of drug addicts who cannot legally purchase firearms in the first place, this has been largely successful for him.

His political career might be over now though. He has been arrested on the felony charge of attempting bring a firearm onto an airplane in his carry-on bag at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. That’s an almost amazing level of counter-evolutionary stupidity and rank hypocrisy.

Of course, “That law’s not for me or my kind” is a common thought process among Democrats and Blacks so this should have been expected.

This is strong evidence that evolution is a poor way to run a species. This creature is not only still alive but has four acknowledged progeny. It could almost make one rethink one’s positions on Planned Parenthood and Eugenics since both of these related things would have classed Trotter as a preventable error.

Trotter’s Stupid Excuse

Now, as all Americans know, Trotter was going to try to shuck and jive his way out of the natural consequences of his crime. His excuse, though, was particularly stupid and further evidence that evolution should not be left to its own devices.

Trotter claimed that he forgot that the Beretta .25 ACP semiautomatic pistol was in bag, which he claimed to have packed after finishing a night shift as a security guard for Allpoints Security and Detective Inc..

NOTE: Despite Trotter being rampantly anti-gun he went out and got the hard-to-obtain licenses and permits to own and carry a firearm in Chicago. 😯

The are twinned points of stupidity shown by Trotter’s excuse:

  • Firstly, even if we’re charitable enough to believe the boy, his excuse that he just got careless and then forgot is more a sign that he shouldn’t be walking free, much less carrying a firearm, and much, much less being in any position of responsibility or authority.
  • Secondly, all of the various models of .25 ACP semiautomatic pistols, even well-made one from Beretta, are essentially useless for self-defense. No sane and educated person working in the security field would carry one, even as a backup weapon as these pistol are useful for only: street crime, intimidation, and generating a false sense of security and courage in their wielders.

Given Donne Trotter’s race, legislative history, and combination of hypocrisy and stupidity, this vermin should be impeached even if he isn’t sent to prison where he so obviously belongs. Sadly though, he’s running for the 2nd Congressional District seat vacated recently by Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and the same facts that make him more suited for institutionalized living make him a near seamless transition from that criminal / activist / politician.

The felony charges and punishments shouldn’t cause a problem either. I’m sure that, if Trotter is elected to Senate, the Congressional Black Caucus will jabber, rant, and scream that it’s racist to not let him serve from a prison cell since preventing it so very obviously disproportionately affects Blacks. 😉

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Black On Black Crime

Gangster Obama - Chicago Style PoliticsThe “Black Community” and the various Liberals and Progressives who are in bed with them betimes moan and whine that the MSM almost totally ignores Black-on-Black crime, reporting upon it only when it’s particularly sensational in nature.

Well, now we all have some empirical data that supports their proposition of bias.

It seems that the Obama Campaign came out and threatened a member of the NAACP because he didn’t support Obama’s reelection attempt. Of course, the lamestream media has almost entirely ignored the incident.

The President of the South Suburban Branch of the NAACP alleges a director of the re-election campaign of Barack Obama has threatened and intimidated him because he doesnt support the president.

After saying that he does not support President Obama, David Lowery, President of the South Suburban Branch of the NAACP in Chicago, said that an Obama campaign official threatened and intimidated him, CBS Chicago reported Thursday.

Lowery said that he believes the threat came during a phone conversation with Louis Raymond, the Illinois political director for Obama for America, CBS said. He also told WBBM that the call “was intended to intimidate” him.

Lowery – who does not support either candidate for President – said that he does not believe Obama is addressing issues important to the black community.

You know what? I know everything about you, Raymond allegedly said as Lowery was explaining his concerns.

Weve been watching you, and since you dont support Obama, well deal with you, Lowery recalled Raymond saying before hanging up.

It does seem that in certain cases the lamestream media does choose to ignore Black-on-Black crime. They certainly do so when breaking their code of silence would harm Obama’s quest to keep his job.

Now, if it had been Mitt Romney or any other White politician whose campaign tried Chicago style gangster politics on a Black activist, the incident would have made international headlines and heralded the end of that politician’s career.

But you can’t blame Obama, apparently even if you’re Black yourself. Between Obama’s control of various federal agencies and connections to the criminal element of Chicago’s South Side, it’s not a thing that you want to do if you’re hoping for a long and happy life…

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Rejecting Accountability

The Chicago Teachers Union has been on strike for a week or so because they loathed the idea that the city would hold teachers accountable for actually doing their jobs in a manner that showed some measurable level of competance.

Rejecting Accountability
If Accountability Is Bad For Teachers…

OK! Shouldn’t we apply this same rejection of accountability and performance to the students as well? If nothing else, doing so would eliminate the performance gap on Chicago’s South Side. 😆 No grades; no failures; no problems.

Those who can’t do, teach. Those that can’t even teach, join labor unions so that they can continue to feed off of society until society finally purges itself of their parasitic infection.

It’s not as if, given the nature of the teachers’ complaints, removing grades and report cards from Chicago’s schools would lower the level of education that the students receive. If it would, the teachers would have felt the need to go on strike in the first place.

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