Ghetto Stick Family

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on October 28th, 2014

“Stick Family” stickers are as varied and as annoying as the plethora of “My child is a…” bumper stickers which celebrate mediocrity by pandering to the less-than-special people’s need to be accorded some measure of being special. And, again similarly to the “My child is a…” bumper stickers, the parodies of the “Stick Family” meme are normally better than the meme itself.

Ghetto Stick Family
Ghetto Stick Family

This “Stick Family” sticker set is the perfect example of such a parody of the “family” of a core Democrat constituent. The only “issue” is that the sticker is, statistically speaking, the wrong color.

Of course, this sticker was doomed to be declared offensive a racist by those whose agenda requires such claims. If it was more accurate by using “Brown” figures, it’d be racist. Yet, it’s use of white stick figures to represent the ghetto baby mama with her horde of bastards and multiple imprisoned baby daddies “Stick Family” is equally racist due to Cultural Appropriation. :-P

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Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on October 25th, 2014

As America braces itself for yet another round of race riots, looting, and generalized feral behavior from the ghetto thugs in Ferguson, MO and the greater St. Louis area, it behooves the more civilized members of the nation to act as the vermin’s keepers and overseers. Hence, here’s a suggestion for reworking their battle chant of, “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!”

Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!

At least for the women involved this is probably the best way of joining into this sort of frenzy. One, the police are far from likely to shoot a woman such dishabille and position. Two, the hand bra, with its underboob and sideboob presentation is sure to garner them the level of attention their craving. And three, this sort of display is likely to increase the otherwise deservedly lacking level of sympathy towards these race-baiting rioters, looters, and grievance-mongers. ;-)

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Oh Look! A Black Protester

Posted in Politics, Society on October 15th, 2014

Apparently this sort of misbehavior is a “Black Thing” and we Whites just wouldn’t understand. Nor is it considered politically correct to comment upon it in other than a sympathetic manner.

Black Protester
A Black Protester
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This is not to say that every Black who engages in some form of public protest is a violent animal. Many Blacks do contain themselves to less violent means of venting their anger. Yet violence, riots, looting, and threats of a race war are part and parcel of every Black protest. Nor do the less violent Blacks ever denounce, deal with, or turn in their more feral and savage brethren.

Truthfully, the “Black Community” is a lot like the Muslims. The radicals want to kill you and the moderates want the radicals to kill you. This similarity explains why it’s so easy for Blacks to be converted to Islam in prison and to be radicalized into jihad.

The truly sad and dangerous part of this is that it works fairly well for the “Black Community.” Somehow, some way America has been brow beat into accepting and bowing to this sort of insurrection and terrorism whenever and wherever the Blacks choose to engage in it.

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