The Indoctrination Gap

The Indoctrination Gap
The Indoctrination Gap

Periodically – normally either while they’re losing an election or immediately after having lost one – our domestic enemies will bemoan the “education gap” between them and Americans, who vote for Republicans. The rest of the time they tend to be patronizing and sarcastic about it and those “ignorant bumpkins” in rural America.

Yet, what is truer is that there is a widening Indoctrination Gap between the Leftists and the American people. A couple of generations of ever-increasing left-wing indoctrination being added to- or disguised as “higher education” has both guaranteed that college graduates would at least lean Left and that Americans would more and more reject the institutions that did this and which continue to escalate their doing of it.

And, to cement things and increase both the divide and the Leftists’ indoctrination of the college educated, the graduates’ incurred debt, declining ROI on their education, and the need or implanted desire to move to higher cost of living urban centers, all conspire to both separate the two groups further and to make Americans think poorly of college as path to take in life.

But hey! What do I know? I’m just a deplorable, knuckle-dragging ignoramus…

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Go Vote!

Go Vote! Protect Or Harm America

It’s election day! Assuming that you’ve taken advantage of early or absentee voting, go vote! Go vote Republican to save America, or go vote in favor of the Democrats’ platform for “change.” The choice is yours; you can choose America or you can choose what the Democrats want to replace it with.

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Signs Of Our Times

Signs Of Our Times

These are the signs of our times, especially these election times. The Republicans stand for jobs, whereas the Democrats stand for mobs. Hence, Americans have a simple but stark choice before them right now. We can take the first, best step in stopping the Left, or we can meekly surrending to cowardice and allow our domestic enemies a victory over our nation, our culture, and our people.

No not be fooled; do not be complacent; do not cleave to false hopes that you will not have to act. Our democracy and the very foundations of our nation are under existential threat right now, and all it will take for evil to win is for Americans to do nothing.

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