Of Skeletons & Closets

Of Skeletons & Closets - Contrasting Results
Of Skeletons & Closets – Contrasting Results

Two men, President Trump and Joe Biden, two closets, two sets of restricted and controlled documents inappropriately in their possession, and two very different results and reactions. But then, this is what happens when the Democrats weaponize as much of the Deep State as possible in order to target and persecute someone.

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Greene Is Good!

Greene Is Good!
Greene Is Good!

Greene is good! At least in the case Of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA 14) this is true. Is she the perfect Representative or even close to perfect? No. But, as Voltaire wisely aphorized, “Perfect is the enemy of good.”

Rep. Greene is a staunch defender of Americans’ core liberties, especially their individual right to defend their own liberties, and has spent a great deal of effort in trying to hold the Democrats accountable for their theft of the 2020 elections and the illegal witch-hunts subsequently waged against President Trump. That is good and good is enough.

Besides, Americans’ domestic enemies hate her with black, bleeding, festering passion. And that is not only proof of Greene being good, it’s good enough for me in and of itself.

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Democrats vs. Republicans

Democrats vs Republicans
Democrats vs Republicans
All The Same – Blame Is The Only Game

That’s a sad truth of, at least, American politics. In the war between Democrats vs. Republicans, both sides are the same – blame is the only game and any actual good or bad that our elected – or installed in the case of Dems – politicians do is largely and most often a secondary effect.

I tend to both sarcastically and ironically describe anything either side actually does as examples of “Trickle Down Socioeconomic in that it works, but not to great effect in the near-term

The only real, tangible, meaningful difference between Democrat and Republican politicians is who they blame and for what. The Dems blame Whites, Men, Heterosexuals, Christians, and successful, productive citizens for being such, and Republicans blame those that are drains upon- or threats to our nation, society, and culture that was created for and by those that the Dems blame for being and doing exactly that.

And, honestly, who can really blame them? The vast majority of elected politicians want to keep their jobs and the feeling of importance and power that it, along with a paycheck and normally a lot perks, it provides far more than they want to do anything or actually enact any meaningful changes. Hence, they all – or almost all – talk a great game and blame the enemy and the enemy’s constituents, but don’t do much of anything to back that blame up with actions. And why would they? Indeed, how could they do so without risking their jobs? After all, the Law of Unintended Consequences is very real in the realm of Legislation. And, even worse of elected politicians, voters in America are easier to mobilize against a candidate than for them.

So Democrats vs. Republicans? It’s pretty much all the same except who each blames and for what. And, these days, that’s just about enough for me, especially at the federal level. Then again, these days, I’m close to believing that the Constitution should have stopped with, “Congress shall enact no law.

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Hostin's View Of Our Women

OK. So, it’s The View‘s co-host Sunny Hostin – a rabidly White-hating Blatino – who said it. Hence, it neither too surprising nor important. Yet, this is a level of insult and disdain that is both beyond the pale and just cause for retribution.

I read a poll just yesterday that White, Republican, suburban women are now going to vote Republican.

It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid.

They’re voting against their own self-interest. Do they want to live in Gilead? Do they want to live in The Handmaid’s Tail’?

Sunny Hostin

Yes, that’s right. This Trigueño scag called our women cockroaches or, at least, strongly implied the comparison, most likely in response to a recent Wall Street Journal poll that showed that White, suburban women now favor the GOP by15 percentage points, which is a hefty 26-point upswing from August. She really seems to despite the simple fact that White women, who rarely kill their unborn children, are more concerned with the economy than the SCOTUS’ decision in Dobbs.

Sunny Hostin – born Asunción Cummings – is also seemingly totally unaware of her Black heritage and the intrinsic and unavoidable link between Blacks and cockroaches in America, their both being brought to our shores from Africa. Or maybe she is aware of this and is chortling over insulting our women even worse in her mind than most realize.

But, of course, aside from some useless ire on our part, nothing will likely come of this and no acts of just reprisal will be enacted upon Hostin by either her employers – who pay her to say things like this – or the People. Hostin’s view of our wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers will stand unchallenged in any meaningful and/or lasting manner.

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Chill Out, Brothers

Chill Out – He’s Got No Choice

OK, a lot of Americans are ranting about Biden’s hypocrisy over taking Airforce 1, then a large cavalcade of Full-sized SUVs to go to Massachusetts in order to deliver a speech in which he declared climate change an emergency. And promised/threatened to use executive action to fight climate change as any sort of legislation on the matter appears extremely unlikely to happen.

To these complaints I’m forced to say, “Chill out, Brothers and Sisters.” Biden, just like all the legitimately elected Presidents, has to take Airforce 1 for trips of this distance and has to travel overland in a large, armored, very heavy and gas-guzzling SUV along with a decent sized convoy of similar vehicle carrying his assign entourage and technicians, assistants, and security personnel. No President gets any real choice in this.

Yes, it’s extremely ironic. No, it isn’t worth ranting over. Nor is it hypocrisy, since he had no say in the matter and those that did really don’t give a fat, flying fuck about anything except their mission objective of not letting the POTUS get killed.

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