No Pot O’ Gold For Dems

No Pot O' Gold
No Pot O’ Gold For Dems

St. Padraig’s Day has come and come and gone. There was no luck, except for bad luck, for the Dems however. After well over a year of them following the mystical rainbow of Russian collusion, there’s been no pot ‘o gold for them to have. In fact, to-date the collusion evidence that’s been uncovered is that of collusion between various members of the FBI and the DNC / Hillary campaign. 😉

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Mueller After A Year

Mueller After A Year
Mueller After A Year – Still Fishing, Still Flailing

Aside from bitterness, hate, and a desire to seek revenge for his longtime confederate, Comey, this is the only answer that makes sense at this point. Mueller, a member of the Deep State, just wants to “correct” for a political liberation that threatens to disrupt the government’s status quo.

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