The Waba Squaw Is Running

The Waba Squaw is running is running in 2020
The Waba Squaw Is Running

Yep! Elizabeth Warren, the Waba Squaw, has thrown her “hat” into the ring for the 2020 Democrat Presidential Nomination circus. 😉

Of course, with her Identity Crisis and tendency towards unforced errors, most political pundits don’t give her good odds of securing the nomination, much less being able to unseat President Trump. Hence, Fauxcahontas’ election bid is morel likely to be a stunt meant to gain her money through book deals or some such than a serious attempt to gain the Presidency.

In any event, it should be a fun shit show to watch. 😆

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The Mueller Process

The Mueller Process
The Mueller Process

The Democrats’ Witch-Hunter General, Robert Mueller is fairly good at getting his victims to confess and make plea deals. Then, his process and methods have the weight of history behind them. 😉

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Please! Cue Up That Screed

Please! Cue Up That Screed
Please! Cue Up That Screed, Jackass

Oh yes! I do so hope that the Jackasses of the Left, especially the Feminazi cunts, have the chutzpah to actually cue up and launch into one of their screeds on “White Privilege” and “Toxic Masculinity” when the three front-runners for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination are: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke – all well-to-do White men and all with a history of “inappropriate” behavior towards women.

But we all know that they will cue up that screed and rant it to world and uncaring heavens, don’t we? After all, “it’s not the same thing” in their minds any more than Clinton, Franken, or Ellison are the same thing – again, in their minds.

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