Wouldn't It Be Great?

Wouldn't It Be Great?
Wouldn’t It Be Great?

Truly! Wouldn’t it be great for America and the American People if all the Socialists inside the borders of our country left and went to live in Socialist countries where, in theory, they’d be happier? And, would it be even greater for us if they took all the sorts that they use as an excuse for Socialism with away from America them?

I, for one, think so. But, sadly, most of them won’t leave by their own choice. If want that return to greatness and unity for America, we’re going to have to make their emigrating the best and only tenable pathway for them.

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A Beautiful Truth

A Beautiful Truth Our Enemies Reject
A Beautiful Truth Our Enemies Reject

Ah yes! Sadly, this is the way it is. But then, we should have expected it. Our enemies have always rejected beauty and reject any truth that doesn’t bow to their narrative. And, of course, it naturally follows that they reject any law that interferes with their insane and unholy desires to turn our nation into some twisted, only quasi-sovereign, socialist, dystopian shithole.

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AOC 2024?

AOC 2024
AOC 2024?

Well, it seems that Democrat operative and failed political candidate, Michael Starr Hopkins seems to think that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka AOC is the Democrats “Best Non-White Hope” for defeating President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential elections. 😆

Now, I think – I certainly hope – that Hopkins wrote this a joke with a certain amount of meaning and social commentary to it. But, at the same time, I do find this to be a very irresponsible expression of humorous commentary if that is what declaring AOC to be best Dem candidate in 2024 was meant to be.

AOC’s rank unintelligence is only matched – but it is matched – by her charisma, especially to the race and gender obsessed Leftist voters. She is their nigh on perfect front-person, as her popularity among them proves, and has ways and means to secure support and campaign funds that no male candidate possesses. Buttigieg would be the closest, but the market for him would be too small to make a real difference. 😉

So yeah! AOC in 2024 is a fucking hilarious idea, but I’m not stupid enough to not keep a weather eye out, because they’re stupid enough to do this… completely unironically.

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The Work, Not The Worker

The Work, Not The Worker
The Work, Not The Worker, Is Worth The Wage

It’s a hard truth that most won’t conscious accept and all the Socialist sorts will violently deny that it is the work that is worth the wage, not the worker. No worker has any intrinsic value, on their work does. And, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Leftists, this is true for exactly 100% of us, irrespective of what sort of labor we perform or for whom.

And yes, that sucks! Then, more often than not, the objective truth sucks for somebody because they’re on the down side of it.

It’s truly simple. It’s the work you do – the product you produce or the service you provide – that has value to the consumer and, hence to the business, be it your employer or your own business. You, yourself are worthless in this equation; you have no value. You are replaceable, either by another worker or, as is more and more common, by an automated process.

But remember, as I said, this applies to all of us. This is totally equal and egalitarian, spanning both genders, all races, and all social classes.

If what you do and the amount of it you do isn’t worth both your wage and your amortized share of materials costs and overhead, you won’t be likely to have a wage anymore. And, by “wage” I do mean your total compensation package, every single dime that an employer has to spend upon you. Your employer – or you, if you own your own business – has to be able to sell the fruits of your labor for enough more than the fully-weighted cost of producing or providing it to make it worth doing so in the first place. Or the business will fail and you will have no wage.

Honestly, this is Economics 101R, but it seems to need to be taught again, and again, and again, because way too many people have serious and deep-seated illusions of worth.

But, and this is both a big and important but, a worker’s work may have more value than the employer either knows or is willing to admit in the absence of force. The effects upon both prices and profits at McDonald’s indicates that some employers can bear to pay more for the work their employees provide.

So, the correct way of thinking is what ones work is actually worth, not pretending that one as a worker has intrinsic worth in a business context.

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Unsustainable Capitalism

Capitalism isn't sustainable, it's sustaining

We so often hear from the Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, and Anarchists – in other words, Democrats in general – that Capitalism is unsustainable. The thing is that, in a very odd way, these Leftists are correct. Capitalism isn’t sustainable, it’s sustaining.

Simply put, Capitalism is what sustains the world, its peoples, and all of the world’s civilizations. Without it many or most would die.

The only time that non-Capitalist nations produce anything of note at anywhere near the rate of Capitalist nations is when Nationalism is a core component of those nations, e.g., the USSR during the Cold War. Yet most of those non-Capitalist nation, along with everyone else, receive a share of the benefit of the wealth and advances created under- and due to Capitalism as an economic foundation.

And no, this is not hyperbole. Capitalism is and has been the only economic system that provides at least semi-stable growth over the long haul. As such, it is the only economic system that fosters an environment of innovation and growth. To reject it now would result in a human catastrophe to rival the Great Flood, albeit one that would be slower and more torturous.

Altruism Alone Does Little To Nothing

Altruism may be a vector in choosing what to do, but alone it’s neither enough motivation nor a viable sole goal to both get people to do something of notable worth for society and provide them the means to do so. That takes money, money of note at least somewhat equal to the societal benefit to be gained.

And that is the underpinning of why Capitalism is what sustains progress and the material benefits of any civilization. No other economic system has, can, or likely will consistently provide the fertile soil for those things at a level comparable to Capitalism.

But It’s Not Fair!

“It’s not fair!” That is the most common complaint about Capitalism from its opponents. This complaint stems from the fact that Capitalism doesn’t normally have equal results, because it is fair. The more and more appropriate to the specific market effort is put into capitalism, the greater the result in almost all cases.

But that’s their problem. Capitalism takes work, hard and smart work, if one wants to benefit from it. It actually normally takes working harder smarter and working smarter harder to really materially succeed. Most people, and almost all of the anti-Capitalists, don’t like that at all. They don’t like meritocracies one little bit, because not everyone does as well in them as everyone – or even some fraction thereof – else.

A Multi-Generational Caveat

The one caveat to the “fairness” of Capitalism is that, properly managed, wealth is multi-generational. We pass our success onto our progeny, and this provides them an inherently advantaged starting position from which to build their own success. Hence, each generation of a family in Capitalism can be materially better off than the one before. And that can easily come across as seeming unfair to those struggling from a start-up position.

This also leads to the enemies of Capitalism claiming that Capitalism is racist. Since the vast majority of Blacks don’t grow up in a normative family structure that would to some extent shield them from poverty, they’re almost always starting from square one.

Where It Does Fall Apart

But, Capitalism isn’t perfect. It’s vulnerable to subornation and is especially bad when it is suborned. Whenever a government steps in and inserts itself into a Capitalist economy, whether it be to further certain sorts of endeavors or to adjust success to achieve what is now called Equity, things devolve rather quickly and to very few people’s long-term benefit.

And, it also breaks down quickly and rather horrifically when companies insert or subsume government functions such as the Company Towns that still exist in some fashion today, e.g., Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, where they are essentially the government as well as the primary employer.


So, while the Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, and Anarchists – in other words, Democrats in general – whine, scream, rant, and rave that Capitalism is unsustainable, it is literally what sustains the world and allows for all or most forms of material progress. Then, they have nothing to truly measure it against, since no non-Capitalist economic system has independently sustained itself long enough to determine its long-term effects.

Much like Democracy is to governmental forms, Capitalism is the worst form of Economy except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

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