They Have Special Needs

The Left - They Have Special Needs
Democrats – They Have Special Needs

No, no! To the best of my knowledge, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never said this or anything materially similar to it. She has, however, said things equally as stupid. Indeed, her entire political position – as she presents it in her quest for a paycheck – is that ignorant, stupid,  and mentally retarded. Hellfire! The mere fact that I have to make this disclaimer so that people know the image is sarcasm shows how insane, stupid, and mentally impaired Ocasio-Cortez and her constituency are.

Still, there’s no informed or sane denial that the likely voters for creatures like Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, or other Socialist have “special needs.” Be they middle-aged failures blaming everyone but themselves for the lot or the mentally ill Millennial Snowflakes looking to not experience work or failure, are suffering from extreme, chronic mental retardation.

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Democracy Under Threat

Democracy Under Threat
Democracy Under Threat

Is Democracy under threat? Yes, I’d say that we Americans’ democracy is currently under existential threat, but it’s not from President Trump, the GOP, or we Deplorables, the so-called dregs of society. No, the true and heinous threat to American’s democracy comes from Democrat politicians and their reliance upon Leftwing and Minority mobs and the Deep State to enact their will and vision upon the American people.

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The Choice Is Ours

Jobs Not Mobs, The Choice Is Ours To Make
The Choice Is Ours – Jobs Not Mobs

With the very important for the future of our nation 2018 Midterm Elections right around the corner, I believe that’s it’s imperative for each and every American to remember that the Choice Is Ours! We can vote for Republicans and jobs or we can allow the Democrats’ mobs to win over we, the People. It’s that simple and that dire.

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