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The neo-Socialist Liberals don’t like being called Socialists. But they don’t seem to have a grasp upon what Socialism, at its core, entails or that they’re part of that problem and foul ideology. This is especially true whenever the Liberals are dealing with requests or demands for subsidies from the poor.

So I’ll provide a simple illustration that will hopefully be at least somewhat educational for them.

Socialism Illustrated - Robbing Peter To Pay Paul
Socialism: Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

It’s generally considered a fine thing to show charity, but it’d be a whole lot better if the neo-Socialist Liberals would try using their own money instead of that of the American people. 😉

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  2. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo Says:

    Really? I didn’t work on that project that, when finished, wrote me a check? When I had a little bit of the cash from that check with my name on it, I shared some with a person who needed a hand, I was giving them someone else’s money?

    That was someone ELSE’S money?? Really, I am upset about this, and if you could tell me who the money belongs to, I will gladly return it!

    I was under the impression, falsely, I gather, that when I worked and received a check with my name on it, that it was my money to do with as I please.

    I am so sorry I have misinterpreted this for so many years.

    Hey Jonolan –
    Just wanted to come by and say howdy 🙂

    Hope you managed to stay high and dry……..


  3. jonolan Says:

    😆 You know full and well, Kelly, that the problem only arises when you try to get the state to take money out of my -or anyone’s other than yourself – to pay for the various projects /subsidies / hand-outs.

    Good to here from you again. We stayed high and dry and with power throughout the whole stretch of bad weather. Hope you did the same.

  4. Steve in the Swamps Says:

    Most people don’t realize that the Democratic Party is as pro-corporation as the GOP.

  5. Steve in the Swamps Says:

    A possible exception may apply to the environment and consumer issues; but that is about where it ends.

  6. jonolan Says:

    It’s best to separate Liberal & Conservative from Democrat & Republican. Ideology is easier to determine than titular party membership.

  7. Kelly Mahan Jaramillo Says:

    Definitely agree with your last statement.
    I can barely tell a Democratic member from a Republican these days.

    And of COURSE I know what you were saying, above – i just felt like poking my favorite tiger!

    Glad to hear you guys made it through the wild weather, and we are just fine after everything settled down here. A few roof leaks, and a near impalement by an icicle (me), but other than that, unseasonably warm few days right now.

    Hmmm….about that Climate change thing……:)

  8. Gary Hukriede Says:

    Hello, I do not know if this is the right site or not, but I am searching for “The Cartoon of the Day” for November 6, 2008, titles “Socialism Illustrated.” Is this your cartoon? I am a self-publisher and wish to republish this cartoon in my future writing. Thanks you, Gary

  9. jonolan Says:

    The image is actually by Daryl Cagle. You’d have to ask him for commercial print rights.

  10. Gary Hukriede Says:

    Does anyone know who has the copyright for this cartoon?


  11. jonolan Says:

    I haven’t a clue, Gary, which is indicative of an ongoing problem for all of us who blog.

  12. Rufus Says:

    In the first lecture I ever received on socialism, our lecturer said, “Today I will attempt to illustrate the difference between communism and socialism. communism is dictated out of the barrel of a rifle. Socialism is achieved through the ballot box. There the difference ends!’

    Before I became a peace officer I worked in a heavily trade unionized industry where I saw socialism revealed in all its many hues. I shut my mouth and absorbed sufficient intelligence to form my own political beliefs. Suffice to say I have never voted for socialism in any form. As a political doctrine, philosophy, dogma or mantra, I find it a repulsive solution to the woes of mankind.

    In its acknowledged links, (through the input of its intellectuals such as the Rev. Thomas Malthus, Sir Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, Francis Galston, H.G.Wells), and other like-minded folk, that iniquitous organization known as, ‘The Fabian Society’ was born.

    At its core, socialism, drawing upon its Fabian roots, espouses control by an enlightened ruling elite, total control of assets and repression of individualism within the great unwashed masses.

    The latter are to be controlled in their unfettered breeding. They should not be aided in any way to breed excessively. Christianity is anathema because it cherishes the individual and nurtures the weak and oppressed and the hungry.

    World government is sought as the answer to achieving Utopian ideals. The crushing of bastions of democracy such as America and Australia, must be achieved if socialism and eugenics are to be realized.

    I look at America today. This poor, fiscally bankrupt and morally rudderless society and I see their aims as totally achievable. My homeland, Australia, is well on the way to join her.

    Meanwhile, the new Commissars of the Elite, wait to inherit ‘their world’.

    With respect to such ideology and such people, I stand to the extreme right of Attila the Hun, pushed far to the right from my comfortable middle of the road position and against my will.

    But I nail my missive on the door of the Cathedral and I say, “Here I stand!”

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