Late To The Fight Again

Late To The Fight Again
They’re Late To The Fight Again

This piece of delightful sarcasm aptly and succinctly sums up how just about every time some Liberal, Progressive, #Woke fools try to do something to combat anything, they’re late to fight, often by generations. :-p

It’s just a sad fact that these sorts seem to always want to make some drastic statement and take some definitive action to correct some wrong they’ve decided upon when the issue – if it even is one – is far more fundamental than they seem to believe and cannot be fixed by the actions they perform and demand other perform as well.

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AOC 2024?

AOC 2024
AOC 2024?

Well, it seems that Democrat operative and failed political candidate, Michael Starr Hopkins seems to think that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka AOC is the Democrats “Best Non-White Hope” for defeating President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential elections. 😆

Now, I think – I certainly hope – that Hopkins wrote this a joke with a certain amount of meaning and social commentary to it. But, at the same time, I do find this to be a very irresponsible expression of humorous commentary if that is what declaring AOC to be best Dem candidate in 2024 was meant to be.

AOC’s rank unintelligence is only matched – but it is matched – by her charisma, especially to the race and gender obsessed Leftist voters. She is their nigh on perfect front-person, as her popularity among them proves, and has ways and means to secure support and campaign funds that no male candidate possesses. Buttigieg would be the closest, but the market for him would be too small to make a real difference. 😉

So yeah! AOC in 2024 is a fucking hilarious idea, but I’m not stupid enough to not keep a weather eye out, because they’re stupid enough to do this… completely unironically.

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You’re Being Told…

You're Being Told...
You’re Being Told…

It’s summertime and, as such, various governments of Democrat-controlled urban population centers are telling residents to turn off or turn down their ACs to prevent once again overwhelming their poorly maintained power grids. At the same time though, Democrats and the sorts which vote them into office are telling us all – and, are trying to force us – to trade in our gasoline-powered cars and trucks for electric vehicles. 🙄

The first real question facing Americans is whether this is simple, Leftist idiocracy, a matter of callous ends justifying the means, or a planned crisis to allow Democrat state and local governments to take full, direct control of the power utilities in their areas. The second real question facing Americans is how far will we go to- and how permanently will we remove the threat these Democrats pose to our nation and our People.

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The Wheel Of Whine

AOC's Wheel Of Whine
Knowing Nothing, The Puta Can And Will Whine About Anything
AOC’s Wheel Of Whine

AOC’s been back in the media’s light recently, whining and ranting about various, random things – most of which seem to have been creations of her own delusional and malformed mind, e.g., a Border Patrol agent taking a “stealth selfie” with her.

I Have No Clue But I'm Going To Scream About It Until Men Start Using My Mouth
I Have No Clue But I’m Going To Scream About It

Let’s face it, with AOC knowing so very little about so many topics that are normally considered as requirements for those exercising any level of authority, it’s quite easy for her to scream and or whine about stuff in general. While the Truth chains normal people, AOC’s rampant and seemingly defiant ignorance of anything beyond presumably slinging drinks and fellatio – both needed but insufficient skills for her political career – provides her with the absolute freedom to do as she pleases.

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me o’ermuch if somewhere within the morass of AOC’s mind there was a Wheel of Whine that she spins upon waking to determine what she’ll complain about that day.

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B  iggest
I   diot
D  emocrats
E   ver
N  ominated

ROFLMAO Ole’ Crazy Uncle Joe’s name sure does sum him up to a T, doesn’t it? He is, almost without a doubt, the biggest idiot that the Democrats have ever nominated for high office, much less POTUS.

Then, intelligence has never been a firm criterion for Democrats, quite often the opposite. So Biden has a decent hope of winning the 2020 elections.

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