Independence Day

The flag flies at half staff over land in mourning for the passing of AmericaToday is July 4, 2009. In America it is Independence Day, the day when patriotic Americans celebrate our Founding Fathers’ courage in defying tyranny and creating a new nation, the United States of America, based upon Democracy, Freedom, Equality, and Enterprise.

Since the summer of 1777, Independence Day, aka the Fourth of July, has been a time of joyous celebration of America’s creation and of freedom from tyranny. Flags, parades, parties, picnics, family gatherings, and something resembling fireworks have graced this American holiday since its beginning.

Can this, the 232nd American Independence Day be a joyous celebration though? Should it be, given what has been already and is being done to America by President Obama and his cabal of Liberals among the Democratic Party?

Shouldn’t this day be either a day of mourning for Americans or a day of angry defiance? Should we patriots not either reflect upon the fact that we ousted a tyrant in 1776 to birth a nation but allowed a worse despot to take the reins of power in 2009, or gather together to shout out our just rage and swear to end this villainy so that we can rebuild America once more?

While the Liberals hold their gloating fetes under Old Glory – to her shame, should not Americans either fly our flag at half-staff in mourning or, as is set forth in Title 36, U.S.C., Chapter 10, §176, upside down (union down) as a signal of our defiance and dire distress?


The great nation of the United States of America lasted for a while, probably longer than our Founding Fathers expected. For 233 years, from 1776 to 2008, she shone as a beacon of freedom, industry, and prosperity in a more and more benighted world. Now the Liberal maggots rejoice as they squirm in an orgy of destruction as they feast upon her corpse.

It behooves those of us who were raised to be Americans to accept the sad and horrid fact that our nation has run its course. A new thing, cancerous and vile, has arisen from its ravished remains and it is recognizable only in its mockery.

We Americans must now choose: we can go gently into that long night; we can strive to rebuild what has been lost, stolen, or raped from us; or we can accept our loss, but wreak such vengeance upon our enemies that the world learn the price of evil.

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4 Responses to “Independence Day”

  1. Matt Shultz Says:

    Thought you might appreciate this:

  2. jonolan Says:

    Thanks, Matt. I did, in fact, appreciate the post you linked to. It sums up a lot of the effects we’re suffering from.

  3. Mike Davis Says:

    It is a disgrace to the founding fathers and the principles this country was founded on when you see what this administration and past ones have done to our once great country and beloved Republic.

  4. jonolan Says:


    Yes it is. If you read the complaints in the Declaration of Independence, you can point various things that we didn’t like King George doing – didn’t like them enough to rebel over them – that various administrations have done to us repeatedly.

    Sadly it’s an escalating cycle. With a few exceptions each administration has been getting worse and farther afield from what our Founding Fathers desired for us.

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