Hitler's Smiling In Hell

Hitler's Smiling In Hell
Hitler’s Smiling In Hell

Honestly, if I believed in the Christians’ idea of Hell, I’d guess that Hitler would be smiling in it if he was allowed to know of what the Democrats are and have been doing in the current and recent election cycles. Hitler and his inner cabal would likely be pleased that their playbook was still considered a valid political methodology… at least by the Democrats.

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Fruits Of The Poison Tree

Fruits Of The Poison Tree
Fruits Of The Poison Tree

Hamas’s barbaric murder of more than 1400 Jews on October 7, 2023 are perfectly in accordance with their 1988 charter that in part “rejects any alternative to full and complete liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.” It further directs: “The day of judgment will not come about until Muslims fight Jews and kill them.

The Hamas charter closely imitates the Nazi’s Final Solution. Hamas’ premeditated murders in one day – inside the Jewish homeland – was the bloodiest day since the Holocaust. Hamas and its supporters in Gaza and abroad stay fanatically committed to reaching its future goals of the eradication of Israel and the Jewish people. Like Nazis, they burned victims. Like Nazis, they raped victims. Like the Nazis, they desecrated bodies. Indeed, the SS Handschar would be proud of them.

But the things rioting in the streets in support of Hamas and a new HaShoah more and more invert reality and call the Jewish people Nazis.

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So, Russia Or Nazis?

Russia Or Nazis
So, Russia Or Nazis?

So, Russia or Nazis running Ukraine? That’s the question before the world and the question the Democrats sorely want everyone to ignore. Though, for the sake of accuracy, I suppose I should call the strongest military and political power base in Ukraine, The Azov “Movement”, Neo-Nazis since they’re not still-existent members of the Third Reich.

But then, the Democrats have been to some extent tied up with the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine since 2014 when they 1st reared their heads to “put down” the Pro-Russian Separatists in the Donbas province of Ukraine. Hence, this is to be expected, because it’s always OK to fund a Nazi if they’re your Nazi.

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#BlackLivesMatter’s Playbook

#BlackLivesMatter's Playbook
#BlackLivesMatter’s Playbook

While set up in classic, independent cells, #BlackLivesMatter does have a unified playbook that they operate from. It’s the same one – though the “Oppressors” and “Victims” have been altered greatly to fit their narrative, as have the specific “crimes” that are claimed to be committed.

It’s sort of funny though, how stupid and feral the #BlackLivesMatter sorts are. Almost exactly like the Nazis’ Sturmabteilung (SA), it’s only going to take one Putsch too many, too far, or in the wrong place for the Democrats to enact their own version of the Night of the Long Knives upon these Braunhaute.

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Enforcing Gleichschaltung

Dems Enforcing Gleichschaltung
Dems And Their SA Enforcing Gleichschaltung

As Americans have witnessed and all to often been subject to in recent years, the Democrats and their media outlets are more than both willing and capable of enforcing Gleichschaltung. And, as every sane person fully expected, it’s growing worse and more overt since the Dems overthrew the American government and installed the Biden-Harris regime.

And, it’s not something that could happen here; it is something that is happening here! For far too long, in willful blindness to the Democrats’ ever-increasing encroachment upon the fundamental rights and mores of our nation, good citizens have looked on and did nothing as the Democrats and those sorts who support them have chipped away at the foundations of America.

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