#BlackLivesMatter’s Playbook

#BlackLivesMatter's Playbook
#BlackLivesMatter’s Playbook

While set up in classic, independent cells, #BlackLivesMatter does have a unified playbook that they operate from. It’s the same one – though the “Oppressors” and “Victims” have been altered greatly to fit their narrative, as have the specific “crimes” that are claimed to be committed.

It’s sort of funny though, how stupid and feral the #BlackLivesMatter sorts are. Almost exactly like the Nazis’ Sturmabteilung (SA), it’s only going to take one Putsch too many, too far, or in the wrong place for the Democrats to enact their own version of the Night of the Long Knives upon these Braunhaute.

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Wokeness Theology

Wokeness Theology
Wokeness Theology

Wokeness – It’s not just a fad; it’s not just some suppuration from the boil that is Millennial culture; it’s not even just a sociopolitical ideology. It’s a theology. It meets all the criteria and has all the material and cultural trapping of one.

And worse, it’s a death cult.

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#BlackLivesMatter’s Theology

#BlackLivesMatter's Theology is the theology of insurrection and race war
BlackLivesMatter’s Theology

When you strip away the apologetics, this is the theology of #BlackLivesMatter. Like all uniquely Black theologies, the faithful of #BlackLivesMatter want nothing more or less than the destruction of America and either the eradication or subjugation of the White Race.

My fellow Americans, understand that, accept that, internalize that … and act accordingly for the sake of your families, your nation, and your People!

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