Liberal Jesus

Liberal Jesus And His/Her/Its Teachings
Liberal Jesus And His/Her/Its Teachings

According to Woke Theology, an offshoot of Black Liberation Theology created and co-opted by “White” Liberals, their Jesus not only doesn’t want his cultists to forgive people, he demands that they never forgive any past statement or action that goes against the tenets-of-the-day of Wokeness.

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Wokeness Theology

Wokeness Theology
Wokeness Theology

Wokeness – It’s not just a fad; it’s not just some suppuration from the boil that is Millennial culture; it’s not even just a sociopolitical ideology. It’s a theology. It meets all the criteria and has all the material and cultural trapping of one.

And worse, it’s a death cult.

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All Science Is Theology

From Within CreationAll science is theology or, said in another way, theology is the only science, with each otherwise-named path of research merely being a sub-discipline of the greater course of study. The whole of we call the “sciences” is nothing more or less than Man’s attempt to discern the Divine’s will and how it was enacted upon Creation.

There’s no intrinsic conflict between between Science and Religion. Sir Isaac Newton, arguably the father of modern Western science knew that as did even the Muslim World’s AbÅ« Ê¿AlÄ« al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham. The conflict between Science and Religion is a purely modern invention and a poor one at that.

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A God Of Wood Or Stone

Dr. John Owen - 17th Century Puritan TheologianTwo closely linked flaws in Man’s character causes us, time and time again, great harm as we seek to apprehend the nature of the God(s) and Divine Will, these being our Vanity and our Hubris.

In giving in to these two faults so many raise themselves up above their rightful station in the order of all things and claim that they know the nature and will of the God(s).

This, as the 17th Century Puritan theologian, Dr. John Owen pointed out, is merely the making of a God or Gods out of our own limited thoughts as if one was carving one out wood or stone.

For the being of God; we are so far from a knowledge of it, so as to be able to instruct one another therein by words and expressions of it, as that to frame any conceptions in our mind, with such species and impressions of things as we receive the knowledge of all other things by, is to make an idol to ourselves, and so to worship a god of our own making, and not the God that made us. We may as well and as lawfully hew him out of wood or stone as form him a being in our minds, suited to our apprehensions. The utmost of the best of our thoughts of the being of God is, that we can have no thoughts of it. Our knowledge of a being is but low when it mounts no higher but only to know that we know it not.

— Dr. John Owen (1616-1683),
The Mortification of Sin

Better by far, I think, that Man cultivate a certain agnosticism born of proper humility and knowledge of our mean nature. Such a path, if followed with diligence and scrupulousness, seems to me far more likely to bring a man, and perhaps Man et al, to a higher estate both in this life and at the time of its unavoidable ending and judgment, than more certain and Prideful religious enterprises.

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Some Baptist Wisdom

In America Baptists – especially Southern Baptists with their evangelical traditions – have gotten a bad name among many religions and even other sects of Christianity. While much of this dislike is well-deserved, the Baptists have had amongst their number some great and wise theologians and philosophers. Below are some words of wisdom from one of them:

There is a certain view of God and nature and man and the world in the background of our faith. But Christianity is a historical religion, and a religion of experience. It is grounded in facts. The Christian worldview rests upon these facts.

From the fact that other religions, including Judaism, have in them the idea of sacrifice and propitiation, it is concluded by some that it must be a false idea. Fundamentally this assumes that everything in the non-Christian religions must be wholly false. Is it not far more likely that a universal religious idea has in it an element of truth than that its universality is a mark of its falsity? Christianity purified and fulfilled all religious ideas of human beings, emptied them of their transient and superficial meanings, and revealed their true inward meaning. The atonement of Christ in a very special manner does this. In it God appears in Christ, not as a distant, implacable and angry being, requiring a satisfaction for sin which humans cannot supply. Jesus himself, as holy and loving and yearning to save humanity, provides the satisfaction.

— E.Y. Mullins
4th President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Obviously as a Pagan I have a theological difference of opinion with Rev. Dr. E.Y. Mullins’ assertion that “Christianity purified and fulfilled all religious ideas of human beings, emptied them of their transient and superficial meanings, and revealed their true inward meaning,” but his wisdom in knowing and saying aloud that universally held religious and moral concepts are more likely to be true than false and that things outside of the Christian faith are not inherently wrong just for being outside the Christian faith is profound.

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