Dangerous Curves

Curves are dangerous; at least the curves of women’s bodies seem to be considered so because so very many people, industries, and even political entities strive so hard to denigrate and deprecate them.

This is why the 12 curvy women depicted in the following gallery are all considered obese by those who continue to promulgate their idea of health and beauty.

Warning! Dangerous Curves

The truth is that these fine, phat, curvy women are very, very dangerous to both the fashion and weight-loss industries and to certain political elements that are vested in keeping up the myth of obesity. It’s not entirely hyperbolic to say that these babe’s fine and luscious curves present an existential threat to those parties.

The threat they pose is growing and growing nearer as more and more men are relearning that women, curves and all, are far more desirable physically, mentally, and emotionally than “cute boys with breast implants,” which has been the feminine beauty ideal set forth fashion and weight-loss industries and further exploited by Leftist politicians.

For myself, if women’s curves are dangerous, I choose without reservation to live and love dangerously.

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9 Responses to “Dangerous Curves”

  1. The POTR Says:

    Can’t get Aeroshmith’s “Livin’ On The Edge” out of my head now!

  2. jonolan Says:

    I can’t think of why, POTR. There’s no edges or corners here, just fine, sweeping curves. πŸ˜›

  3. Buffet Says:

    Gimme the one in the red dress and I’ll die a happy man!!!

  4. jonolan Says:

    I believe that would be London Andrews. She just turned 30 and is from upstate NY. Probably closer to me than you. πŸ™‚

  5. Buffet Says:

    Guess I’ll just have to run faster? Considering my level of motivation, coupled with a prodigious libido, the liklihood is that I will prevail.

    You may have noticed that I recently referenced the angelically voluptuous Ms. Andrews in one of my recents comments about your post regarding ‘perfection’?

    Normally, I never ‘let ’em see me sweat’. In her case however, this knight wouldst bow and pledge his ‘sword’ to her service for evermore.

  6. jonolan Says:


    While this isn’t just for you, you were, given your laudable and understandable lust for London Andrews, in my mind when I created this post. Enjoy!

  7. Buffet Says:

    Thank you kind sir. Let it be known that I thoroughly enjoy ALL your articles and am beginning to view you as somewhat of a kindred spirit.
    I take comfort in knowing that the lobotomists haven’t yet gotten to everyone.

  8. jonolan Says:

    Thanks for that.

    The Left’s lobotomists never had a ghost of a chance with me though. A military upbringing and service made that impossible. When your father was an Air Force pilot who died in ‘Nam and your mother was an officer in the USMC, you’re largely proof against the lobotomist.

    Actually, I’m one of their worst nightmares. I live almost every point of the Liberal lifestyle by choice but don’t subscribe to any part of their dogma or doctrine.

  9. Joe Says:

    love this love to make porn with them

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