An Invidious Comparison

An Invidious Comparison- Not even ISIS likes being compared to CNNISIS & CNN – An Invidious Comparison

Yes, being compared to CNN is such an invidious comparison that even the Muslim terrorists of ISIS are speaking out against it. Nor, I suppose, can one blame them for being outraged over such a thing. Being compared to CNN is, after all, a gross insult to anyone, even the vermin in ISIS.

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Give Obama the credit he his due. The boy has no problem throwing himself in the path of attacks upon those he has chosen to side with and protect from harm or consequence.

Obama Blocking Fire Aim At Jihadis
NOOoooo! That’s Not Who We Are!

Obama was quick to jump in and jump between Muslims and Americans in the wake of the Muslim terrorist attack upon a gay bar in Orlando, FL. He and his regime have done everything they and their Lamestream Media could do to block or deflect the blame for this act of jihad.

Obama won’t even reference Islam or Muslims during or after an attack, nor will he allow it be used in counter-terrorism training materials. He certainly has made it explicitly clear that he believes nobody should blame Islam or Muslims for the attacks carried out in the name of Islam. He even went so far as to have his regime, when they finally released a partial transcript of of the exchange between Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen and local law enforcement authorities during his attack on Pulse Nightclub, replace all references to “Allah” with “God.”

Yeah, give Obama the credit he his due. Or, if you prefer, render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s – just as Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus did.

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In Obama’s Own Words

In Obama’s own words, “Elections have consequences.” As we push towards the 2016 elections, American need to remember that this was one time when Obama spoke both truthfully and accurately.

Elections have consequences. Let's avoid the deadly onesElections Have Consequences

Now, it seems to me that American should do everything and anything to avoid to avoid the deadly dangerous consequences that would result from something like Hillary Clinton being elected.

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