And Just Like That …

And Just Like That, Protecting Children Became Right-Wing

Thanks to Netflix’s decision to stream Maïmouna Doucouré’s “touching,” “explorative,” and “feminist” work, “Cuties,” protecting children from pedophiles and general sexual exploitation has become a Right-Wing thing according to many Democrats and likely Democrats.

Of course, given much their rhetoric, this essentially indicates that protecting children from pedophiles and general sexual exploitation isn’t a Left-Wing thing anymore. But then, that’s not that much of a surprise, given their views on sexual orientation and the fact that Americans very much hate pedophiles.

Or maybe it’s Right-Wing Only now because of President Trump, or rather. the Left’s insane hatred for him and those who voted him into office.

Yeah, TURDS Before Kids

Yeah, it’s a simple, sad fact that, while it’s possible that the Left is still against the sexual exploitation of children, it’s not their priority and, given the choice between protecting kids and railing against President Trump, his administration, and the 10s of millions of his supporters, the kids lose.

The truly sickening part is that many, but by no means all, on the Left will likely turn to supporting pedophilia just because we’re against it and they don’t want to agree with us on anything.

On “Cuties” Itself

I can’t personally judge the film since I haven’t seen it and have no intention of doing so. Frankly, a movie about an 11-year-old French-Senegalese girl rather poorly navigating the onset of puberty as part of a strict Muslim household on the outskirts of Paris has little to nothing for me to identify with or have interest in. And, beyond that, some of it would sicken me.

What I can directly speak to is Netflix’s poster/trailer for “Cuties” – which I’m neither posting nor linking to – being the primary source for triggering the widespread backlash against the film. It really made the film look like “spank bank” material for pedophiles.

Not one of Netflix’s finer marketing moments and something that makes it so that they deserve whatever negative consequences that get since stupid should be painful since pain is the only way to teach the stupid.


DISCLOSURE: Years ago I worked with a Children’s Advocacy/Protection organization that partnered with the FBI and Interpol. I actually put my “InfoSec” skills to use directly hunting down pedophiles online, gathering evidence, and turning them over to the authorities for prosecution.

That was a couple of very hard years which, after a lot of what I saw, seriously colored my view of anything even close to child pornography.

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The New Black

Just another screaming, angry buck niggerQueers, bisexuals, obese people, and some others have started describing themselves as the New Black due to their belief that their “civil rights” are being restricted.

Soon I imagine that the ephebophiles and polygamous people will join in calling themselves as the New Black while loudly bemoaning the supposed infringement upon their “civil rights.”

And oh how the Blacks hate it with a consuming and festering passion!

This, of course, makes perfect sense. It’s a direct attack upon Black identity. As Black Identity is based almost solely upon being the victims of oppression they’re loath to give up their unique victim status to any other group, none of which, in their minds, have or can ever experience the same perceived level of harm and oppression.

Essentially, the “Black Community” views any claims of “civil rights” violations by anyone other than a Black as an example of the most egregious form of cultural appropriation.

In some ways it’s ironic that the Blacks rant against others who they might be better served by joining with against the White, heterosexual American norm.  While ironic though, it’s to be expected since the “Black Community” is deliberately exilic in nature and rejects commonality with anyone else.

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Lamestream Priorities

One must always remember that lamestream priorities are quite different than American priorities. America’s domestic enemies and their media pundits have far different priorities than Americans do and apply vastly different standards to their own vs. Americans.

Rubio v. Menendez - Water v. Pedophilia
Lamestream Priorities – Water! Pedophilia & Prostitution, Not So Much

Yes, the Left and their media are far, far, far more concerned about Senator Marc Rubio’s (R-FL) pausing to drink a glass of water during a speech than with Senator Bob Menendez’s (D-NJ) repeated venting his pedophiliac lusts into child prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

Odd; looking at Menendez, I’d have thought that he was White enough to be a “White Hispanic” and held to White standards by the Liberals. I guess I was wrong.

But hey! What a little, or far more than a little, fornication with- and sodomization of Dominican girls in the grand scheme of the Left – as long as Menendez votes for higher punitive taxes, gun confiscation, Obamacare, and other Liberals and Progressive causes? Senator Rubio’s thirst is much more important.

It’s all a matter of understanding Lamestream priorities. 😉

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Animal Testing

We, even in this modern age, still perform a lot of animal testing in an attempt to determine the effects of various chemicals upon our health. This outrages many people and, much more importantly, has inherent flaws due to biological differences between species and animals inability to fully explain their symptoms.

Why Are We Still Testing On Animals?
Why Are We Still Testing On Animals?

In truth, it does make more sense to use the pedophiles in our prisons as our test subjects for all chemicals and for any experimental medical procedures. We could thereby eliminate a major ongoing source of animal cruelty and advance medical science with little or no cost to society.

Overall, I still prefer taking the police and the woefully pro-criminal courts system out of the equation, but using pedophiles and other vermin in our prison systems as guinea pigs for product testing and medical procedures would, at the very least, allow society to get some use out of these mockeries of human form.

What’s left of them at the end could even be ground up, UV sterilized, and used for fertilizer in marginally arable areas lacking in organic matter in the top soil. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 😉

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General Population

New Penn State Logo - The Nittany PedobearsNot too long ago the filthy pedophile, Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 of the pedophilia charges brought against him and the upcoming sentencing hearing will likely put the filth away for the rest of its life, as it is facing a maximum sentence of 442 years in prison and the minimum it could get is 60 years.

It doesn’t have to be that long though…

If justice, as opposed to merely the law, were to be served then this pedophile would be placed in the general population of whatever prison it’s sent to to serve its sentence.

I’m its fellow inmates could and would arrange for it’s “early release” and remove this piece of subhuman filth from the rolls of vermin that the taxpayers have to support.

Frankly, whatever felon finally shanks Sandusky should be granted a pardon for all past crimes, having truly paid his debt to society and having explicitly proved his rehabilitation by exterminating a pedophile.

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