Cute Crazy Unicorn

Sometimes one needs a bit of a break from the starkness of reality, what’s a better fantasy than a unicorn – in this case, a very cute unicorn acting delightfully fun and crazy?

BTW – “Unicorn” in this context means a dark-haired girl with light eyes, not an attractive bisexual babe who you and your wife or girlfriend can have a threesome with.

So sit back and have some for watch Emily Rudd having some fun. 😀

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A Not So Creepy Clown

With the rise of “creepy clown” sightings up and down the East Coast of America, the populace is in a state of growing panic. Still, to avoid unwarranted fear, hatred, and possible backlash, I’d like to point out that not all clowns are creepy.

Not So Creepy Clown
A Not So Creepy Clown

See? Beautiful? Yes! Creepy? Nope!

And really, what do we actually have? There’s been no harm done by these supposed clowns; the police can’t even find any of the ones reported. So what’s the likely cause of these painted-faced boogie men?

  1. Mass hysteria brought on by the 2016 elections?
  2. Drunken or drugged-up Juggalos just wandering around?
  3. Yet another useless internet-inspired craze?
  4. A plot by angsty and envious mimes to hurt clowns?

Yeah, I’m not too worried about clowns, creepy or otherwise. That being said, if you see a clown, say something.

Hey! I’m just trying to do my part to prevent a rise in coulrophobia. 😆

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Don’t Be Racist!

Don't Be Racist. Hate EveryoneDon’t Be Racist. Hate Everyone!

Grumpy Cat aka Tardar Sauce is normally a surprisingly good source of wisdom, but “Don’t Be Racist. Hate Everyone.” is one of her few and far between failures. It doesn’t work that way in these degenerate times. Insofar as the Liberals and Progressives and the Blacks they pander to- and enable are concerned, misanthropy is no defense whatsoever against the charge of racism.

Remember, as far as the SJWs are concerned failure to love or, at least, like or coddle Blacks is racist. It doesn’t matter to them why you fail to like, coddle, and/or excuse the behaviors and attitudes of Blacks; the simple fact that you fail to do so makes you racist in their eyes. Hence, even hating everyone equally is do defense.

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