Many Fine Mornings

Many Fine Mornings Have Started This Way
Many Fine Mornings Have Started This Way

I’m proud to say that many fine mornings have started this way for me, mostly in the Spring and Fall months when the weather calls to me to start the day with coffee over a fire.

A Solid, Country Breakfast
A Solid, Country Breakfast Is The Right Choice

And then, once my blood stream has been returned to its properly caffeinated state, I and my family like a hearty, country style breakfast cooked over and eaten around that same fire.

And yes, even though I and my family live in Brooklyn, this is a common breakfast scenario for us. I’ve got a good-sized grill/offset smoker out front and a smaller pit grill in our rear court. Both charcoal, not freaking gas or those pellet things. Proper charcoal as the God(s) intended. 😉

It’s all part of being who you are and doing what you love, irrespective of where you find yourself at any given time.

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International Coffee Day

I Eat Salad Every Day ... Um, Coffee
Yeah, It’s Like That With Me

Yeah, that’s me. I drink a pot or two – at least – of coffee every day. Indeed, the ubiquitousness of coffee in my diet is why I almost forgot to celebrate America’s National Coffee Day last Thursday. I do, after all, celebrate it 365 days a year. 😉

It’s International Coffee Day

But today is International Coffee Day! So rise, shine, brew up and enjoy a hot mug of java, and celebrate the beauty that is a cup of coffee.

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Coffee Day 2020!

It's Coffee Day 2020!
It’s Coffee Day 2020!

Hey! It’s National Coffee Day here in the US! So, perk up and celebrate this most invigorating of “holidays.”

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A Hot, Calm Cuppa

A Hot, Calm Cuppa

I’m going to be honest here. Hot? Definitely! Calming? I’m not so sure because this could really wind me and a lot of others up. 😆 That being said, cuppas like these could easily lead to some pleasurable stress relief and the calm that comes with the afterglow thereof. 😉

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Start The Day Off Right

Start The Day Off Right

It’s always best – but especially so in these trying and stressful times – to start the day off right. Afterwards, I’d also suggest you two have some coffee, or tea if that’s your preference. 😉

Also, the axiom of “start as you mean to finish” comes quickly to my mind.

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