Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed - A Very Fine Idea
Breakfast In Bed – A Very Fine Idea

Breakfast in bed is almost always a very fine idea. So, try waking up early and first now and then. And, Gentlemen? Pancakes are pretty easy to make.

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Marry Your Best Friend?

Marry Your Best Friend?
Marry Your Best Friend?

Marry your best friend they said! Your wife should be your closest friend they said! Yeah… I know what my friends and I did to each other as jokes. 😆

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Biblical Proportions

Seek Thou One Of Biblical Proportions And Cleave Unto Her

I’m very much not any form of Christian, despite having extensively studied their holy works and related texts in various languages, including the original ones in some, mostly New Testament cases. Still, the Bible does hold a lot of wisdom in it, much of which is either directly applicably to today or can be extrapolated to fit with today’s world (If, in many cases, one gets past both accidental and deliberate mistranslations).

A perfect case in point being the entirety of Proverbs, especially Proverbs 5, and most especially Proverbs 5:19:

Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

— Proverbs 5:19 KJV

See? This is why, despite being truly theologically, cosmologically, and ontologically opposed to the basic premises underlying Christians’ faith – a single, omniscient, omnipotent God who both made Creation and is Benevolent, I have a respect and fondness for the Bible, especially the Old Testament. The Bible, again especially the Old Testament, sets forth a lot of ways for people to live “rightly” and fairly well, and in those chapters, it includes nuggets of applicable wisdom on how to do so instead of just saying go forth and do this or go forth and don’t do this.

The entirety of Proverbs 5 can be summed up as an admonition to young men to not be promiscuous manwhores, dawgs, or players, but, instead, to find a good woman and stay with her. Then, in verse 19, it gives practical advice on what sort of woman to choose so that a man can better and more easily abide by the stricture. 😉

Carry on, be thee wayward or steadfast,
— jonolan, DTh, DD, MLang

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Son, She's A Keeper

Son, She’s A Keeper. Put A Ring On Her

One piece of advice I have for the young American men out there – If you can find a fine babe who can noodle a good-sized blue or flathead catfish, she’s a keeper. Put a ring on her quick as you can and get busy getting started on your family. Trust me, she’ll be the best thing you ever did. 😉

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Your Tactical Girlfriend


Your Tactical Girlfriend
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I don’t know about you, but Zuck’s algorithm keeps filling my feed with everything and anything “tactical.” Well, very sadly,everything except ads for a “Tactical Girlfriend.” And that’s the greatest shame of it. 😆

I mean, really! Easiest cute pet name ever – Molly. And easiest assigned role ever too – Load Bearing Equipment. 😉

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